What console would you like to see ported to RetroArch next?

Use ReShade: https://reshade.me/

I use it to add scanlines to Hoxs64 (C64 emu) and Demul.

Please make core for X68000 and Nec PC-98. There are tons of incredible games on these machines, especially fantastics shumps. As said before, the C64 already has a core, but there are not for x68000 and PC-98

I need a little help with it, but I am starting on pc-98 core now. I would do commodore 64 but it is already in progress. https://github.com/meepingsnesroms/libretro-meowPC98 I haven’t done anything yet on it accept fork from svn.


You can check what the NEC PC-98 system run there with pictures.

Basilisk in RetroArch is a dream come true. 68k Mac people! This emulator needs more support than the other ones do!

there were already a minivmac port (although I didn’t update it since many years :slight_smile: ) and also I did years ago a POC of an libretro basiliskII port. I exhumed it . maybe I can work a little on it to, at least to update it to the a newer BasiliskII version .


FS-UAE Core with WHD Support would be really cool!

@shakalakka fs-uae core is already available.

It will be cool to have Laser Disc Daphne core as there is a fork Hypseus with SDL 2 support.

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It’s easy if you are ready to build on linux, just go to to my github download it ,

then you have to compile it yourself with

CC=gcc make -f Makefile.libretro -j10

and you ll end up with a x64_libretro.so

Remember it’s a WIP core for now and not as great as the official vice emulator.

then launch it with

retroarch -L x64_libretro.so /path/your_game.d64 (or whatever if you have crt/bin/d64.gz/t64 …)

you can also use a .vicerc or use cmdline to make more complicated load like retroarch -L x64_libretro.so "x64 -autostart \"/PRIVATE/games/Lemmings [Side A].d64\" -flipname ./lemming.vfl "

Finally you can also setup an ide64 solution to load game from an virtual hdd in vice ,it’s a little complicated to setup but you will end up with something like this

Video:https://vid dot me/qhxQ


Atari 8bit is easily played thru mamegit

C64 already plays thru Frodo core

Already play thru mamegit

Thank you very much for your work. I’d like to be able to use your port of Vice 3.0 with Lakka on my Raspberry Pi 2. Do you think that someday that will be possible ?

RA’s “mess” implementation is horrible

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Very simple if you need help just message me

Lol mess works fine if you load it from cmdline or with cmd.file. learn how to use it before tell it’s horrible . and un last ressort if it always horrible. Whey are waiting you to fix it : )

@Cesco i have a pi2 or at least a pi3 somewhere i ll try vice on ot if i can recall where i put it.

Many thanks, your work is invaluable.

Mess works when used on a system that have a cmdline, try that without a cmdline. Here is a cmdline I use with the self-compiled mame

-mouse -confirm_quit -skip_gameinfo -rompath "/Games/Romz/Mame" -video opengl -output console at486 -isa1 svga_dm -isa2 sblaster1_0 -floppydisk1 "/Games/Emu/mess/software/Ibm5150/OS/Boot Disks/Dos/Dos6.22.clean.img" -floppydisk2 /Games/Emu/mess/software/Ibm5150/Games/Emulators/Sim_City.ima

trying to add that to android, I’ve yet to succeed.

anything beyond basic softlist and basic systems with just a cartridge slot, and mess becomes a monster that can’t be tamed on anything beyond a PC with a cmdline (and a decent keyboard)

This why i add cmd file support. Just put the same arg from cmdline in a text file with cmd extension.

is there any instruction on how to do it? I searched but google didn’t give me any answers