What core should be ported next(June 16 2017)

  • Apple 2 GS
  • Apple Mac 68K
  • BBC Micro
  • There are enough cores for now, work on bugs/features instead

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There are alot less systems since the last poll because they have already been ported: PC98: I ported np2 X68000: Rtype ported px68k Commodore 64: Rtype ported vice

The old core request thread was also closed so people don’t confuse it with this one.

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Thanks for all the hard work guys! I’d love to see more core but i fear if we just keep pusing them out there will become too many to maintain and such. We should take out time and make sure all the features and bugs are implemented and fixed in the core before adding more cores.

I believe all the functions from the alternate menus should be added to core options or in some way on the retroarch menu. For example, i believe that swap disc/ multi disc should be added to retroarch swap disc menu or core options.

I know doing all this is hard to do, but i believe they should be added before moving on the new cores.

I agree with the person above me. I rather you guys focus on improving what is currently available before implementing more cores

Agree we have to fix and enhance the current cores. But also notice that adding new cores is something more fun than take hours and hours to fix current bugs or adding sweet features to make the thing more user friendly. the two have to coexist… BTW @guicrith if you bring us a FM towns port it will be great ! (on final note i must have somewhere an libretro-kegs port dying in dust somewhere on my hard-drive)

I would really love a ps2 emulator core, I thought that pcsx2 is open source.

Open source does not mean cross platform, there is no armv7, armv8, powerpc or x86-64 dynarec and ps2 is too modern to run without a dynarec at full speed, so this is not an option.

yeah I found it. it is right here: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2 Any hope for adding it as a core for retroarch, Ps2 is my favourite system and sony insists on not having it as a backwards compatibility option

oh I See. thanks for explaining

Once it is mature enough Play! might be a better candidate than PCSX2 as it doesn’t rely on plugins and has cross-platform support. Thought it has a long way to go.

does play! run any games. I am not familiar with how often they update their emulator. but I am very grateful for this emulator just as a hope

Hypseus (Daphne SDL fork) :+1:

@r-type : will be nice to resurrect libretro-kegs :wink:

This may sound ridiculous but I want a Cemu core

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I want full save states support on 4DO core :smiley: and latest PPSSPP version…

FM TOWNS was very tempting (amazing system), but IMO, polishing existing cores is more important. There are too many cores that are crashy or broken in some way.

Cemu is closed source.

Damn, that’s sad :frowning: Let’s hope it will be open source soon :frowning:

Since I could only vote once, I went with FM Towns, but I’m also all for spending more time on the cores we have.

Given Dolphin and Citra have been greenlit, I think RPCS3 should be taken into consideration. It’s maturing very well and with constant daily development by a large community.

On a more dreamy note, I would definitively love a PS2 core. I know PCSX2 is not an option given how it is built, but even a very experimental emulator like Play! could be a good idea. That could help sparkle more interest in it. The lack of good PS2 emulators is the real problem here.

A BBC Micro core is an interesting idea, but there’s a serious lack of portable / sane-codebase emulators for it. MESS might be the exception, although last time I checked the BBC video driver in MESS was quite buggy. The machine itself also lacks real joystick support, so input support is a more difficult problem than for the Specturm and Japanese computers.

As far as computers go, I would say that improving the C64 core to an usable and stable level is more important.

I’d love to see a Sega Dreamcast Core