What do you use for Lakka?

Just curious…the most powerful thing you use it in or your everyday Lakka unit. Live USB or installed on the HD or SD card? Currently, mine is a Odroid-XU4. Does N64 @ full speed for most games, pretty happy with it’s performance, bogs down with Sega Saturn emulation (but to be honest, for an ARM board, it’s pretty freaking sweet just to HAVE Sega Saturn emulation on it!). I would love some Dreamcast emulation!

So what do you use for Lakka?

I use it to relive the games of my youth as well as play some that I missed out on due to rarity.

Oh Using a Pi 3 and I only use it at least once a week. using a BDA Wired tournament controller for PS3 (It’s from A power) got it for 5 bucks and it is incredibly accurate. I think a regular PS3 controller would work better though as the digital pad can be pressed in more than one direction at a time by pressing the center.

Edit after black Friday of 2016: Recently got a DS4 and it works about as good as the tournament controller and is more comfortable in the hand. The home button actually acts like a home button rendering the dual analog press unnecessary… Though It seems to have caused a slightly noticeable input lag increase when using bluetooth (that HD LCD screen doesn’t help matters), certain games do not play nice with the DS4 (Original Super Mario Brothers, Punch Out series, basically any game that deals in twitch reflex and has no room for error.)

Hi! for my Lakka setup I use:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • 32 GB Micro SD Class 10
  • Speedlink TORID Gamepad - wireless
  • Sony LCD TV with HDMI input
  • And all the roms installed in an external USB flash drive, since it is more easy and faster to transfer thousands of roms from my PC to it.

I don’t use the more modern/resources demanding consoles, I am more than happy with NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, FBA Alpha and other older platforms.

I will install Cave Story soon, since I have read a lot of nice comments about it (I didn’t knew it before meeting Lakka).

Edit: I installed Cave Story and it works great, it is a very nice game!!!

And you?

My setup:

Hardkernel Odroid-XU4 Sandisk Micro SD 32 GB card Vizio LCD Smart TV with Vizio 2.1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer 256 GB USB 3.0 Sandisk Cruzer Thumb Drive with the ROMs and ISOs Dual Shock 3 (wired, since XU4 doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

The little guy is right in front of my PS4 and Wii U. I use it rather than an overclocked RasPi 3 for stable full-speed Nintendo 64/PSP emulation. But the SNES, NES, Genesis, Final Burn Alpha and MAME get major play time.

Hi, I use Lakka with :

-Raspberry PI 2 (I only play games from the SNES/MD/PC-Engine Era) -Bluetooth USB Dongle -32GB Class 10 micro SD -Philips Matchline 32" CRT TV -2 Bluetooth 8Bitdo Controllers, 1x SFC30 , 1x NES30Pro (will never user any other controller, the 8Bitdo’s are the very best!)

My setup:

HP Chromebox (Celeron 2955U, 4gb Ram, 16gb SSD, Built in WIFI and Bluetooth) 64gb Sandisk Ultra Fit flash drive for games/saves storage (OS is installed locally) 2 Xbox 360 controllers, 2 DualShock 3s, 2 8bitdo NES30s

I get full-speed emulation on nearly everything, including most N64 games. It has trouble with the usual culprits (Perfect Dark, Conkers, etc.) but otherwise is great. I love Lakka

grumbles @ bhall almost the same exact specs and I think Chromenboxes just hate me for some reason. I’m changing from my Asus Chromebox to a Intel NUC.

:Dgot a cubietruck with an old 128gb 2,5" drive (for roms) running via hdmi on multiple screens (depends on the room my girlfriend bans me to).gamepads: generic stuff for about 10€… does the job.

Interesting thread, will be great also if you can post a video about your Lakka devices and how you use it :wink:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • 64 GB MicroSD Class 10
  • 4x Dual-Shock 3 controller

I run games from as many systems as I can. N64 recently became viable thanks to GluPEN so I’ve been enjoying Banjo Kazooie and Kirby!

The PS3 controllers run great via the native Bluetooth. Nice and light, enough buttons to map to everything. I have slowly accumulated them by keeping an eye on second-hand traders :slight_smile: I bought a charging dock that’ll charge all 4 at the same time. Ideal for Smash Bros parties!

Recently I’ve been getting into the ROM modding scene. There is a mod for FF6 that fix bugs, improve the combat system and AI, and fixes errors in the dialogue. It’s called Brave New World - it’s fantastic. There’s an unofficial Chrono Trigger sequel. Sonic 3 bugfixes and hidden levels. My current favourite is Streets of Rage 3 with all 3 hidden characters unlocked at the start and all cheat options unhidden. This game has no save features so if you wanted to unlock stuff you had to beat the game several times and not turn it off.

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A video from dragon_0n4.


I use a simple PC setup for the extra horsepower: Celeron G1840 and ISK110 case. There’s an old laptop HDD in there for ROM storage. It’s certainly larger than an ARM box, but works like a charm.[TABLE=“width: 198”]


Might be getting a monster update soon. :slight_smile: We’ll see if it comes to pass.

Hello all, I have a Cubietruck with an old 300Gb 2,5" drive. I tried different SD Cards for Lakka.img. Unfortunately I am having issues since so many months: 0) Using Lakka image for Cubietruck (last release is 2.3.1)

  1. Using Etcher to load image on SD Card (4Gb,8Gb or 32Gb)
  2. Cubietruck is booting on Lakka SD card (can see Power On + Leds).
  3. PB: Display is black screen only without any output signal on hdmi and vga also.
  4. I can see that system folders have been created in the 2nd partition. No system files, only folders.

Someone could help me with Lakka for Cubietruck ? Many thanks in advance :wink:

Hi, interesting discussion. I use a HP ProDesk 400 G3 small form factor PC. It’s optioned with the Intel Core i5-6600, 8 GM RAM and a 1 TB 7.2K rpm HDD. This particular model has both integrated Intel HD graphics and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2 GB. These are typically sold to business customers. I chose it simply for it’s physical size.

Most games run very well however some PSP titles curiously crawl. DC emulation is good, and most of the arcade and handhelds are perfect. There’s presently about 375 GB occupied in ROMs and disc images (more than 31K files in 130 folders) for those keeping score.

Hi… I ve a raspberry pi 4 4gb.

I (‘d like to) use Lakka to emulate zx spectrum, arcade, dos and laserdisc games… Perhaps it’ a dream for me… it looks very difficult for me to configurate!

It’s actually pretty easy; the only part that’s remotely tricky is etching the Lakka image onto your microSD card; it’s smooth sailing from there on.

About me - I use:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb
  • a 32 Gb MicroSD card
  • my old trusty Logitech F710 - must be more than 5 years now
  • a Samsung LCD TV - I am looking into using it with a CRT though.

I’ve upgraded from a Retropie rPi3 build; 64GB microSD, used to connect my XBO controller to it. Fun times, until I’ve expanded into 8bitdo.

Recently acquired the SN30 Pro+ at a Best Buy, and with that, the wireless dongle. The dongle is great for Switch, allowing use of Xbox and PlayStation controllers on it, but my main use was on the Pi3, so I could see how latent inputs were. For some odd reason, the system was being tediously slow, so I said, “Screw it, get a Pi4”.

My Pi4 has a 200GB Sandisk Ultra installed. My original intent was to use an 8GB card with either a 64 or 128GB USB3 stick, but with the 8bitdo installed, I’d have no room for anything else. So I’m going to shove everything under /storage.

At this time, I’m using a 27" Acer gaming monitor, capable of 1080p144. I highly doubt the Pi can make it past 60, but whatever. :slight_smile:

Sure, I can emulate many things under Windows, but it’s the portability of a Pi that counts.

I’m using a

  • Pi4, no overclocking.
  • ROMS on external HDD because I wanted the Dreamcast library and they’re a bit big for a microSD
  • It runs most N64 games fine at disgusting 240 resolution, some of them at the expanded 320-widescreen (starfox 64 is good at this) and a handful at full 480. I wish you could change mupen’s resolution live.
  • Samsung HDMI 4KTV downscaled to 1080P because Lakka crawls on a 4K TV (it would be nice if a max-resolution config was added and the Pi4 image was configured to max out at 1080P to prevent this problem).

how did you flash lakka on the 64GB sd card