What hardware do you use Lakka on? (Version 2.0)


Are you asking the question on whether or not it will run on your potential hardware setup?


I am asking if those PCs are weak or not to run Saturn Bomberman with mednafen core at 60 fps


I’m using a rPi 3 inside of an arcade cabinet, mainly playing MAME/FBA on it and runs pretty nice. Almost pixelperfect, the bigger resolution games like CPS1/2 are not quite pixelperfect (yet), but it’s pretty damn close :slight_smile:


Same here, but I’m trying to use the iCades bluetooth joystick without much success.


Sorry bud, I’m not going to know, because personally, I’m not running those specs.


Regarding your iCade dilemma, that was solved a while ago: https://github.com/libretro/retroarch-joypad-autoconfig/tree/master/udev



Thanks for the reply, could provide maybe some specifics? I created another topic to keep my issue details there instead of mucking up other forms. If you could be sooo kind to provide those specifics on this post. I would greatly appreciate it!


Right now I’m running on an old Dell Studio 1735 (That I got for free) to test everything out and transfer the Roms because my little $70 NuVision tablet is wonky and wont work with Wifi (I’m guessing because the drivers aren’t compatible but when I can make a topic I’ll ask about it). I’ve just connected it to my big screen and been playing SNES and Gamecube games. Gonna try DS and PSP games next but for some reason Gamecube games seem to just put me back to the starting Lakka screen.


@Someguy Check your thread, made a post which should help you out.

@Atticusnarii I don’t think the graphics card in your PC is going to support Gamecube (Intel Graphics HD card support required for the Dolphin emulator on its own, nevermind Retroarch core integration). Even with the ATI Radeon card installed, probably not compatible.


Well on the old Studio 1735 I had no luck but I just tested the NuVision tablet and I got a bit far into Double Dash and then it crashed lol


Raspberry Pi 2 with external USB drive storage for ROMs… need to upgrade, there’s an RPi3 in the future.


How would you install Lakka directly on Windows 10, 64-bit without a Flash drive? I just downloaded and it said it was corrupt without putting it on a Flash Drive but didn’t want to need a USB device always attached to the PC.

Also, does it work with Retro Arch or have to set it up separately from Retro Arch? This is the only way to get themes and backgrounds in Retro Arch? Thanks for your assistance.



Lakka is designed to install by itself as an operating system (i.e. your Windows 10 OS would be wiped from your hardware). Something tells me you don’t want that, so what you DO want, is probably Retroarch on your Windows 10 machine, which can be downloaded from here: http://www.retroarch.com


Thanks for your response. I was researching themes and backgrounds for Retro Arch, and everything up as Lakka so I thought is probably like an add on to Retro Arch to get some great looking themes. Nothing came up outside of Lakka in the past few days. Where would we download these items for Retro Arch if possible at all? Thanks for your help.


hey guys, I am looking for a bit of assistance, first the backstory I had lakka running on my old MXQ s805 box, it ran perfect… until my brother in law dropped it and it landed directly on the SDcard breaking the sdcard reader in the unit itself. Since I bought the MXQ box years back they have moved on the the 905x series, I replaced my old 805 with a 905x. I am trying to get lakka running but I am having issues. First off its an mxqpro4k, the PCB board inside calls it a 905X but a sticker on the top of the sdcard reader says 905W and the boot flash screen says 905W. So im guessing the PCB board is incorrect? Im assuming my non-boot issue is due to not having the correct dtb file but without knowing which one I have I cant get the correct DTB file.



This shows you how to add images and themes to your Lakka machine.


All Lakka builds can be found in the Nightly builds: http://nightly.builds.lakka.tv/


Thanks again. I didn’t install Lakka but I wasn’t removing Windows and have Retro Arch and emulators set up alread. I just set up Retro Arch because my last computer’s keyboard wasn’t compatible and adding cores so I had emulators. I was wondering how to get the themes, wallpapers, and so on for Retro Arch instead of Lakka if Lakka wipes out Windows.


You can make your own. That’s how. The link I gave you showed you how you can make your own themes and images using whatever backgroud images as long as they’re saved in the .png format so Retroarch/Lakka can read them.


Found a cheap i7 Chromebox $111 should I get it and how easy is it to pair something like a PS3 shawan controller or Xbox 360 wireless? Thanks in advance.