What hardware do you use Lakka on? (Version 2.0)


Can’t tell for your particular 2 but my 8bitdo works using d-input or wired. And mind you chrome os is using 32 bit on the android layer.


A cheap i7 Chromebox? Hell yes! Snatch that shit up in a hurry! It would make for an excellent emulation box. :slight_smile:



Have a question about Lakka on PC… Is it possible to set the Artrworks to the second screen?

Thx for Help


What model of Chromebox did you get lakka working on? I bought a cheap Samsung and today a ASUS CN62 which has a very respectable 5th gen broadwell i7. It’ll be like an ASUS console :grinning:.

I’m not sure which version to use


The CN60. Followed this guide: https://kodi.wiki/view/Chromebox. Worked for Lakka, which is also a version of LibreElec.


What’s the point when you can download kodi and retroarch from the playstore?


Depends on what you want. If you want to run Android on your box, so be it. The Android version of Retroarch does NOT include the same cores that the x86/64 version of Lakka does (no Gamecube cores, for example, last time I checked, and I had the Retroarch app for the Nvidia Shield). No 3DS, either. You’ll have to sideload those through a different emulator. Good luck with performance, too.

That’s why I’d rather just run Lakka on my Gigabyte Brix and have it as a dedicated console. because I love video games that much, and of course, I have Retroarch on my gaming HTPC.


Those nuc boxes are a scam though. When someone has the space for a desktop system I wouldn’t pay for the same price tag for a mobile chip in a cookie box. Can build with the athlon 200ge and get way more for the money. Not counting ram and ssd as the same prices for both.


On an useless note, fixed cable managment today. Looks nicer now


OK, first off, the Athlon 200GE wasn’t even released when I got the Gigabyte Brix. I’ve had it for longer than you’ve probably been a member configured as a Lakka unit. I like the PC Part Picker build you did, and hey, it works for you!

It’s just a celebration of what people use Lakka on for their hardware. I personally have tried several, and probably will upgrade again some time in the future.


I made a general recommendation to build the 200ge not a nuc. I don’t care about your personal hugbox needs.