What is the shaders for visual similar as the 90's Sony Trinitron?

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Shaders are good for use. What is the one or combo de shaders for having an screen render similar as 90’s Sony CRT TVs Trinitron ?


Try this one: shaders_slang/crt/crt-yo6-KV-M1420B.slangp And have a look at this post, you might be interested: Sony Megatron Colour Video Monitor


Any shader without slot mask.

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Thanks for all replies. I had tested the shader sony megatron and here is an LG IPS. Not look good. Need any tweak. Have an nice week.

In particular, Crt-geom, crt-aperture, guest.r-dr.venom at mask 0-2-6 and many more.

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Its a HDR shader as in you really need HDR or a very bright SDR screen (1000nits ideally)

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Hohoho, it depends on your display yes. There is no preset that fit’s everything indeed…You must put in effort. Train your mind (learn the parameters). Train you body (your :eyes:). You must learn the way…the way of the shaders… :old_key:

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Is it something like this you’d like? (the screenshots are using trinitron 90’s cilyndrical curvature and aperture grille mask)

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You can try these but you really need to setup Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor or any of these shaders here properly before just writing them off as not looking good.

So before saying things like that, show/share what you’ve done and you can probably receive some guidance as to how to go about settings things up correctly in order to get the best out of your hardware.

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