What is the use of NTSC colors in the misc folder?

I’ve looked all over the internet to find out what exactly its use is. It changes colors obviously but i’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to emulate.

From my understanding it’s changing the color range to the ntsc color range, without the added effects from a ntsc-composite/s-video shader.

This may be wrong though.

That’s what my thinking was but every other thing I used with NTSC in front of it doesn’t seem to alter color at all for me.

Because it’s doing a roundtrip, meaning not clamping illegal values in either color space.

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Could you put that in more simple terms I have no clue what “not clampling illegal values” means.

If you look at diagrams of color gamuts, they don’t match up exactly:

That is, there are colors that don’t exist in NTSC but do in sRGB and vice versa. When you convert from one to the other, you have to clamp–which means discarding the values that are outside of the desired range–or else you end up with values that don’t make any sense when you convert back for display on your machine, which is what happens in that shader.


So you’re saying NTSC colors isn’t displaying colors right?

It depends on what you consider “right”. What it does to colors looks subjectively nice, but it includes some that are outside of the actual NTSC gamut range.