What news about the version 4.0 of lakka?

what news about the version 4.0 of lakka? (same thing)

we’re planning to do a release of it very soon. No specific ETA because that just makes us look bad if/when we miss it, but it won’t be long.

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Hopefully not 5.10 kernel again though? :pray:

What issues are you having with 5.10? Is this specific to your hardware?


@ricandresfriki97 Here is the release post.

@powerarmour We are now based on LE 10 which is using Linux longterm kernel version based on 5.10.x and has the longest maintenance period. Longterm kernel version based on 5.15 will end maintenance on October 2023.

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Just various issues with my Tiger Lake box, it ideally needs a newer kernel.

Kernel 5.15 has the new and much improved NTFS file system driver. Would this be of any benefit to Lakka?