Whatever happened to handheld border shaders in 1.12.0?

My go to shader for gba was gba-retro-v2-5x. I just updated to 1.12.0 and it no longer works (the screen won’t fit the borders) and when I tried updating the shaders manually, it’s no longer anywhere to be found (now there’s only one size of gba-lcd-grid). I tried downloading the old version from the repository and it’s not there either. Please help!!!

Yes I also had the same issue, I think some changes happened to those presets. I just tried with a fresh instal and you have to do a manual shaders update. I suggest to delete (and backup) the shaders/shaders_slang/handheld/ folder


online updater -> update slangp shaders

Than launch a game:

Settings -> Video scaling -> Full

Quick menu -> Load shaders -> shaders_slang/handheld/console border/gba lcd grid v2.slangp

Then scroll down and change

Shader #1 Scale 4x -> Shader #1 Scale 5x

Then -> Apply changes -> then save shader’s settings as you like

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Thanks. Apparently this was changed between 1.11.0 and 1.11.1. I just reverted back to 1.11.0 for now. Your suggestion works just fine, but I kinda liked retro v2 a little better than lcd grid (their color palettes are a little different). I wonder why they removed those presets though. :confused:

retro v2 (now also v3) are still available as shaders in the handheld folder. maybe you can add an overlay to it, or modify the old slangp.

I think is always better to be on the latest version.


Thanks. I’ll look into it!

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