What's the plan for Lakka 2.3?

Just out of curiosity, what to expect from Lakka 2.3?

I would assume, it would be based retroArch 1.7.8, which is an interesting release. As it seems to have more point release then usual, each with pretty significant upgrades. Not to mention the base release itself has ton of new features, that properly means a lot of bugs will get iron out each every point release.

Will Lakka 2.3 a stable release after RA 1.7.8 settle down or will it following the RA 1.7.8’s footstep with all those point release? Or maybe it will be based on 1.7.9 instead?

Personally, I would prefer a rock solid Lakka 2.3 even if that means a longer lead time and less features than a cutting edge but less stable release. And this is under the assumption that Lakka 3.0 is far in the future, with would be much more powerful, and feature rich.

As always, thanks for the work.

Lakka 2.3 is currently being released with RetroArch 1.7.8v3 : https://twitter.com/natinusala/status/1171520269036347393?s=19

I was wondering the same thing too. I went to download the latest Pi3 img and was named Lakka-RPi2.RPi4.arm-nightly-2019-09-11.img.gz which says nothing that implies that is based on 1.7.8 Can anything be done about the naming scheme?


For a RPi 3B+ should i download the RPi2.RPi4.arm or the RPi2.arm image?

The RPi2 image works for both RPi2 and RPi3, the RPI2.RPi4 image is for RPi4 only

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Thank you :slight_smile:

@natinusala, HA~ I should have wait a few minutes before post LOL.

So I guess a better question would be, will Lakka 2.3 following RetroArch 1.7.8 release? Say if there’s a 1.7.8 v4 will there be a Lakka 2.3.1?

It depends on what changes in the v4

Forgive my ignorance but if RPI2.RPi4 image is for RPi4 only then why does it have RPI2 in the name of the file?

Last night I downloaded the RPI2.RPi4 image thinking that it was compatible from RPI2 to RPI4 but it was for my Raspberry Pi 3.

Am I the only one confused by the naming scheme?

It’s because technically, the RPi3 and RPi4 both are RPi2 in disguise. The only difference is the video driver, and some bootloader files.

The RPi3 is a more powerful RPi2, so the image is the same.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Why not remove the word “RPi2” from the Pi4 image? This is not very obvious for the not so technical users.

I’m sure many users accidentally download the wrong image (Like I did last night) and think Lakka doesn’t work.

This is my opinion and hopefully I’m wrong.

It’s again for technical reasons, the RPi4 “project” is a “sub-project” of the RPi2 “project”, so to speak

Looks like there’s still tons of activities surrounding 1.7.8.

Definitely a very exciting release, but it might still take a while to stabilize.