When to report bug to Lakka, VS report it to other Libretro Project?

There is an area where I found a bit confuse, is that sometime I am not 100% sure if I should report certain issues to Lakka or other Libretro project.

For now, I only report Core related bugs to Lakka if it core is completely fail to launch as expected. Or if the issues only appear on Lakka, but not on regular Retroarch on desktop. But sometime that’s hard to manage due to the Retroarch / core version always change. And sometime, certain core will ask you to give the most up to date stand alone version of that core a try before reporting the bug (witch also not always an Option under Linux distro).

Not to mention sometime there’s chance that Retroarch can broken after updated on the OS, like the recent 1.7.8. update (still waiting for the distro to get that fix).

Thanks for the help, and the awesome project.

There is no universal answer to that question, but generally if the issue concerns the user interface or a new menu feature it’s in the scope of RetroArch.

If the issue concerns a specific core and that core works well on your machine on another OS, then the issue is with Lakka. Otherwise, the core needs to be fixed.

But regardless of that, I appreciate that you make the issue in Lakka as well so that we are aware the issue exists, and can keep track of it.


Thanks for the clarification. I will make bug report on both Lakka and the actual RetroArch component project from now on.