When will the new version of lakka come out?

As indicated in the object. Anyone know when the new version of lakka will be released?

The nightly builds have been broken for months. I wouldn’t hold my breath. This feels like an abandoned project.

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It’s not abandoned. You can see what’s going on here:


If someone is talking about nightly builds they generally know about the github page :upside_down_face:

then it should be clear that it’s not abandoned.

Please re-read friend. :yum:

It is pretty clear that this is not abandoned. It seems that they are moving forward with an upgrading to much newer base OS LibreELEC_9.2.x along with all the new RetroArch stuff. It is expected the coming up release will takes a lot longer.


Please re-read friend. :money_mouth_face:

I guess a better question would be, are the nightly builds actually broken? I do notice that there hasn’t been a new nightly since February. Is it something related to the pandemic or is it coincidence?

They are and this has not been addressed in months.

As I have previously mentioned and nobody seems to be able to comprehend basic English. “This feels like an abandoned project.”. I’m sure more people will post saying “It’s not abandoned” and the cycle will continue. :star_struck:

Lol the funny thing is that both statements are true. This “feels” abandoned because the nightlies haven’t been working normally in months. But it “isn’t” abandoned because they’re still working on Lakka, just no one is talking about the nightlies issue.

A new link appeared dated 07-08-2020, doesn’t open yet though!

goes to check the news, the nightlies, and the Github

also checks the Retroarch and Libretro main pages

If you’re relying on the nightlies to get a new version of Lakka, you’re going to be waiting a while.

The object of the exercise is to not give people answers in hopes that people stop asking questions :stuck_out_tongue: right?

I found this post very interesting, and mostly off topic. But is all fun, definitely great to kill sometime before the next release.

Here are some thoughts I would like to share. Generally speaking, “Nightly Builds” is not consider release. It is just a “Build”, part of the checking process at best, even if the nightly build can be use as “normal”. There no guarantees that anything would be built during that process. But of course, everyone can “feel” differently about its relation toward a actual release.

Logically speaking, without assumptions, unless someone is directly reply to a comment. They are only expressing their own thoughts / feeling, maybe influenced by but independence from the previous comment(s), in such, it is not a respond to these comment(s). But then again, everyone may “feel” differently about that too.

It looks like we didn’t have to wait a while :stuck_out_tongue: There were issues with Lakka itself, not the buildbot. It wasn’t able to build due to errors that came from updates. Lakka has been able to build for most of the supported systems now.

I heard, though, that it’s best they wait for Libre ELEC 10 because 9.2.2 has been problematic for everyone, supposedly.

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Oh boy, If that’s true. It can be long while. I could be wrong on this, but Hear that LibreELEC 10 will be porting everything into Python 3.

I still use a special build of Lakka 2.2.2 that fix Reicast… sense every version after that have PPSSPP and some other saturn emulator issues. SAD…

I really love the concept of Lakka, clean and easy to use, once you know what you are doing of course, but then the releases have been a bumpy ride. Yet it is totally understandable sense it depended on millions other things.

It is like by the time ELEC is good, RetroArch has gone too experimental, and when RetroArch itself is stable, some cores for the critical systems I play are broken.

Hopefully once they are based on ELEC 10, they will got a more stable foundation to work with.

Yeah it can take long for LibreELEC 10 to come out, be good, and for Lakka to merge with it. Luckily though they haven’t stopped working! Things are looking like we will have a really solid version of Lakka soon. In my tests for example, the recent builds had some performance issues with PCSX ReARMed. It was unplayable running everything around 20-30 fps. Most other cores seemed good, but I still noticed slightly less performance. I don’t test absolutely everything, but others were reporting the PS2 core to be having problems, and that’s being worked on.

True about nightly builds, but I just thought I’d mention that for 2 different types of hardware now for the past few release builds I have experienced broken cores despite a fresh install (no config carried over, all required system BIOS files copied over, no config changes, supported hardware). Broken out-of-box basically. One of these was a PC, but I think it may be fixed now and all that remains is driver issues, something that has nothing to do with Libretro. The other was an Odroid SBC (C2). I’ve almost given up at this point. I will probably install Windows on the PC, disable graphic driver updates to prevent breakage, and do a registry edit to use Retroarch as a kiosk. The Odroid won’t be receiving any more updates (lack of support from Hardkernel, iirc), so I’ve copied the backed up cores from the previous release it was running over to the new one and they actually run correctly. Good enough for me.

Don’t get me wrong by the way, I appreciate the work put into the project and like the people working on it. It just seems like Lakka users are second class citizens to plain Retroarch since emuboxes are more niche than running emulators on your daily driver PC. The talk about upstream problems with LibreELEC explains a lot too, especially hearing that python is involved. The entire Linux ecosystem is also a bit of a mess so I can’t imagine it’s easy to mash together a DIY console OS like this without something breaking. I’m relieved to know it’s not out of a lack of interest. I hope even though I got burned by hardware becoming unsupported that it means the development team will have more time to work on the hardware that is supported. I guess a RPi would make a good next SBC for longer lasting support, but I dislike how underpowered they are and the lack of secondary storage (my Odroid booting from eMMC then mounting micro SD full of content is a great setup - if only RPi would have two micro SD slots!). Hopefully they continue releasing more powerful variants, there’s clearly some market for them.

Here’s hoping the Lakka team doesn’t give up, because I truly enjoy Lakka more than all the alternatives that use EmulationStation and similar frontends, but that’s just me. Feels more stable and easy to configure. Just, when everything is actually, well, stable. :sunglasses:

That’s really sad about how things are on other boards. I have never tested anything other than Raspberry Pi 3 and 4. I am VERY lucky that this board gets a lot of support because it’s really the only one I like to use.

Lakka is also my favorite thanks to how deep I’ve been able to customize everything. I’d never be able to move on at this point!

I am glad that PC and Pi are getting first class support. A bit sad that other SBC don’t have much support but realistically speaking, they are getting dated too quickly or discontinues. Not to mentions that ARM base boards are like all different… really hard to keep them all supported. As for today, It seems to me that only the Pi, and Odriod are still going strong. BTW, Odriod-Go Advance will likely get supported on the next release of LAKKA, which is amazing. (Given how many amazing clone out there too)

But really, I can see handheld SBC will bloom like crazy. Is many people’s dream to have their favorite home console games on the go. And technology are ready for that now. What’s lacking is for companies to figure the “Design”. For some reasons, they just don’t get it right, either they pick the right chip with enough power but did poorly on the form factor, or got a great form factor, but the chip isn’t quite powerful enough. Given the RG350M come the closest.

If the RUMOR is true, that the RG351M will be a OGA “clone” (really I don’t think just by using the same chip like the RK3326 is really “cloning”, when all this button layout and form factor stuff aren’t even invented by neither of these companies any way.), and the next release of LAKKA does indeed support OGA, that would be super amazing.