Where is scalefx_9x?


Last night, I was able to find and apply the scalefx_9x shader for snes9x, and I was very pleased with the result. However, I’m just now starting to experiment with independent core and game configurations, and I messed something up and had to delete my main retroarch config file. Now, as I’m trying to set things up again, I can’t find this shader anywhere, even after updating all 3 shader lists.

Forgive me if this has been answered, but I’ve been searching the forums for several hours with no luck.


There’s a preset for it in slang format, but glsl only has the updated version AFAIK


Thank you, but it’s not appearing under any of the shader folders. What could I be missing?


Is your video driver set to something that can use slang shaders? e.g., vulkan or directx10/11/12?


That’s it! My video driver was set to “gl”. Once I changed it to “vulkan” and restarted Retroarch, the shader was right where you said it would be. Thank you!!!