Where to get Lakka for RBP2 with Amiberry builtin?

Hi there, I tested both the stable and the nightly for my Raspberry Pie 2 and none has Amiberry core builtin. UAE4ARM is currently unusable (I can’t swap disks, no matter what I try) and PUAE runs game at half speed and with broken audio.

Shall I build it myself?

There isnt any amiberry retroarch core

Thanks for the quick reply, UAE4ARM has a weird issue where I can’t swap disks, while Amiberry on Retropie works quite well. The only problem is that Lakka is a VASTLY better user experience overall and I really do not want to use Retropie. I will create an issue on the dev’s github to support libretro.

Swapping disk on uae4arm is supported but with quite some constraints:

L & R button can change DF0: current disk for multiple disk roms. Each disk should be named with “(Disk x of y)”