Why Lakka is based on Just Enough OS, and not typical Linux distro?

I am have been wondering why Lakka is based on the Just Enough OS like LibreEELC, and not something Like Debian.

It does seem make sense that you “just want to have enough an OS” to run Lakka / RetroArch. To minimize overhead. But once you start consider things like more up to date graphic support like Vulkan, latest Mesa, or typical dedicated graphic driver support and etc. A typical OS seems works better for Emulation. Not to mention that you are lock down on a specific RetroArch Version and Core.

But I guess one can always argue, you can always install retroArch on any OS you like, but that’s not point of my curiosity.

What do everyone thinks?

You pretty much said it. In a “just enough” OS, there’s less overhead but also fewer ways for users to monkey with the system, which helps with support.

If someone wants to have a full OS to tinker with, they can always install the distro of their choice and install RetroArch there.