Wii U Nightly Discussion Thread


Hey @aliaspider , Do you still plan on adding XMB Gui to the Wiiu?


THANK YOU Aliaspider :stuck_out_tongue:


In case Ploggy’s tears of joy weren’t context enough, the Wii U port now supports the XMB menu and playlist scanning, thanks to aliaspider’s hard work :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thanks to Aliaspider and anyone else who put in the effort to make this happen. The Wii U version now seems very close to being a first class port!


I’ve been using the Wii U Loadiine homebrew and when using VBA Next or mGBA they both crash the system.

My Wii U firmware version is 5.5.2

I’ve tried older versions, reinstalling them, deleting them then installing them again, and still crashes when opening the rpx.

the only apps on the homebrew are HB App Store, mGBA, and VBA Next.


Hi Developers,

is there a way for you to include Dreamcast support for the Wii U? There is now a way to unlock CPU Speed in vWii Mode, so that the full power can be used. Would be great, if you can do this.


AFAIK, the only Dreamcast emus we have are GL-based and Wii U doesn’t have GL.


So, there is no chance for now?


First off, awesome emulation station. Love it a lot.

My main interest at the moment is about Neo Geo CD running on the Wii U version of RA(same goes for 3DS).

The reason I love it is for both the arcade quality gameplay and the awesome arranged soundtracks that coexist with it.

I was wondering if there is a future build of a NGCD emulator happening on RA anytime soon or if there is a way, but through MAME?

I’ve seen countless forums saying about using CHD files in order to get it working or having to use NeoCD-Wii. But honestly, NCDWii is good, but whenever I wanna play Fighter’s History Dynamite/Karnov’s Revenge, the fighters seem to constantly use sound effects related to the opponent I’m fighting and some graphics issues arise whenever I play(Jean’s stage being an example). And I’ll admit, the arranged version of Ryoko’s theme is hardcore with that guitar riff following the Japanese culture sound.

Anyway, aside from that, I just wanna play the NGCD library on RA, but NCDWii is good, but not at all great at times. I’d like quailty to match quantity.

If anyone knows if NGCD games are doable someday or soon, it’d be awesome. Whether to get them playing the same method as MAME(through a zip file) or NCDWii(through a folder with a subfolder full of MP3s by highlighting it and hitting the “X” button on the main folder with the game’s name front and center), that’d totally rock. Sadly, I can’t whenever I use Final Burn Alpha, and how I retained the set up of how to load my games like I did on NGCDWii since TOSEC and TruRip is a time draining wait, and that RomVault’s validation expects only the set up it wants…

EX: World Heroes 2 (TOSEC-ISO) -World Heroes 2.cue -World Heroes 2_01.iso -World Heroes 2_02.wav etc. -World Heroes 2.toc(if it ever needs that…maybe for PC-Engine)

(NCDWii) -MP3(Folder with all the tracks in it) -World Heroes 2.cue -World Heroes 2_01.iso …randon files extracted from the ISO itself…

Forgive me if I kinda don’t have a better way of describing it. But all I’m saying is, NGCD needs to be a thing, and on the Wii U(as well as the 3DS). This would rock out loud. My Wii U gamepad’s body is ready.

Sorry for the TL;DR post. Just had to get this out there. Currently(at this time) on 1.6.8(Wii U)/1.3.3(3DS since the later version have a screen tearing problem)/, even though I already have an emulator for that, and that it isn’t even on the Wii/vWii).

Hoping this will help anyone want to see NGCD on Wii U/3DS.


Hi, I was just wondering how N64 emulation is on the Wii-u? I’ve briefly messed around with Retroarch and Lakka on pc’s, but never on a console. My Wii-U is modded and I’m thinking I’d like to add Retroarch to it. Just curious as to the state of n64 emulation?! Thanks! Rick


Nonexistent. RetroArch doesn’t have any N64 emulator cores on Wii U.


Thanks! I didn’t realize the n64 wasn’t an option. --Rick


HI, using latest nightly (as of 01/29/2018).

  1. ATARI Lynx core doesn’t work at all. Gives me this code dump). Doesn’t work on PC either so I’m guessing it’s the core fault, not the port for Wii U specifically. I have the bios correctly named and with the proper md5 checksum in the correct folder (SEGA CD works fine) Silly me, somehow managed to by-pass the bolded paragraph on the libretro docs stating that beetle can’t handle headerless (no-intro) romsets. Any reason as to why you chose beetle over handy to port over to the Wii U? Can we get a handy port? (it’s easier than expecting mednafen to update beetle to support no-intro)

  2. If I try to read the rbd files (trough the information/playlist information option within RETROARCH it gives a weird code dump, like an image superimposed over another image, weird)

  3. If I’m playing X rom from X system and try to switch to a different game, on a different system (not sure if the same happens when swapping to a different rom, same system) it, again, gives me a code dump.

  4. Trying to access “network information” on the information options completely freezes the Wii U. (Have to hard reboot the console)

  5. RETROARCH can’t access the system date/time settings (apparently) as all I see at the top right corner, when on the main menu is 12/31 23:59. Which I guess is referring to 31st of December 23:59 hours (right before new years) Not sure if it’s important or not but I thought I’d mention it as well.

All my roms are from the NO-INTRO romsets. Just in case you were wondering.

And this has nothing to do with issues but more with a question, Would it be possible to implement some sort of cache for the thumbnails so it doesn’t take an eternity to scroll trough them?

Thanks for everything!


Hi I am using retroarch and love playing C64 on a WiiU. Everything looks good, but there is always this permanent knocking noise in the background (reminds me to the helicopter noise in Fort Apocalypse). I hear that in any game.

And by the way the red Vice menue when pushing “start”-button what is that “Dean” Option and how do i keep the options there (ingame)?


Good Morning. I’m new to the thread but have been searching for an answer and assistance on a question for quite some time and was referred here.

I’m looking at creating channels for the Wii U that directly load a MAME or FBA rom (classic turtles, x-men, simpsons ect…) from a channel on the wii u dash. I have the hbc haxchi install files ready to go, but I just can’t figure out how to change the code so it directly loads the core and rom from the channel. I’m not sure if there is a path (or where it would be) that needs to be changed. I’ve created direct channels on the PS3 with RetroXMB but can’t figure out how to on the Wii U. Any help would be appreciated and would love to share my work for others when completed. Thanks!


I’m getting unearned retro achievements pop up on game load using the genesis plus gx core. thanks for the awesome retroarch build. having a wiiu build is just awesome


hola soy nuevo aqui necesito ayuda tengo una wii u con el retroarch y quiero jugar a los juegos de sega 32x al chaotix. el poblema es que cuando cargo el core GENESIS plus gx toco al juego y no lo carga no sale solo sale letras system 32x pero no inicia el juego. aver si pueden añadir el core de PICODRIVE por favor que ese si carga los juegos de 32x. añadan el core por favor gracias.