Xbox One bluetooth controller support on Odroid XU4

I’m not entirely sure if this is an XU4 question or a Lakka question but my googling has only yielded vague partial answers for either the hardware I have or the software I have but not both. As the title states I am attempting to bind/link/mate an Xbox one controller with my Odroid XU4 running Lakka. It’s one of the newer controllers that doesn’t require a proprietary dongle and can connect using a universal USB Bluetooth dongle. If I connect the controller using a cable it works fine and Bluetooth is enabled in system settings but that seems to be as far as I can get. Has anybody run into this issue or have any advice? I greatly appreciate it! (Disclaimer: Total noob.)

As a person with an XU4 with the official Bluetooth dongle, my next question is, is it the official Hardkernal one? The XU4 is probably not going to work with it otherwise (theoretically, it should, reality is another matter entirely).

Do you think it would make a difference? This is the one I have:

I don’t know. Try pairing your Bluetooth controller and see:

i have the same problem. I use the official Bluetooth module 2 as a dongle and i followed the tutorial but after the command “scan on” the terminal keeps saying my Xbox One S controller (an original) is not available. Of course it is fully charged.

I connect to the Odroid Xu4 via SSH with Putty.