XBOX360 Controller question

Hi Guys

I just discovered Lakka after trying around with getting RetroArch running on OpenELEC and it seems like everything i ever wished for in terms of gameemulation!

The installation was very straight forward on my PC and its running smooth. Congratulations to the devs and the others involved!

I have a question as i’m not certain if i’m doing something wrong here. I haven’t found anything in the forum so far by search and browsing the threads.

I have a NES-like USB gamepad (Retrolink i believe) and it works out of the box, but has the limitation of only have A+B buttons, which obviously is not enough. Lying around i had some XBOX360 controllers which should work as far as i could make out. I read in the documentation that with the dongle it would be supported but since i don’t have that thing, i just hooked it up with the USB charging cable from the XBOX360.

Lakka did not display the yellow message that something was found, so i’m not sure if there is something wrong with my cable or controller, or if the controller generally won’t work with the USB cable.

Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me?


The USB charging cable does not allow the Xbox 360 controller to function over USB. You either have to have the wireless dongle or a wired controller.

He’s right, there are two types of Xbox360 controllers : wired or wireless. The wireless one will never work wired, even on an Xbox360.

The XBOX 360 controller does NOT have a charging port

Hello there

Well that helps a lot! I always thought that connecting the controller by the USB cable made it wired in the terminology used here. I wasn’t aware of a really wired model. Thanks for clarifying that for me!


Im just ressurecting this post, cause i cant create a new one.

Im having some annoying troubles with lakka and a x360 controller. I just installed lakka on a old netbook, and everything was going fine: perfec instalation, cores working, games running, etc. But this using the netbook keyboard. When I plugged one x360 usb controller, lakka recognized the joystick and installed it. but it was all, lakka installed the controller, but its just doesent work, any of its buttons , nothing. Lakka insists on prefer the keyboard. Ive tried to remap the buttons, but lakka does not accecpt the input, like the controller was not plugged. but it eas there, lauging of my face