XMB not showing

Some help and pointers would be appreciated please.

Gigabyte notebook win10 intel integrated graphics plus nvdia gtx970m, live mode usb Generic_VK_nvidia.x86_64

After expanding partitions ok, reboots then gets stuck on the lakka logo screen (flower logo) never gets to show the XMB.

Edited syslinux.cfg removed quiet so I could see what was happening. Kernel looks fine, everything’s seems to have started and running just never gets to start the XMB.

I can alt-ctrl-del retroarch shutdown and it’ll reboot into win10 just fine.

I’m sure it must be a simple tweak possibly graphics card conflict issue but I’m clueless with Linux and have no idea where to start.

Any and all help appreciated!

Tried with live usb of Generic.x86_64 and lakka just hangs on the logo screen and my notebook’s fans go into overdrive. Ctrl-alt-del and it hangs waiting for shutdown unlike the VK live usb version which shutdowns cleanly and reboots.