YabaSanshiro lots of issues

I’m using YabaSanshiro Core V2.10.4 8406a5c on Retroarch 1.8.4 / W10x64. OpenGL and DirectSound are the only drivers that seem to work for me with this core, but not without issues.

-The core crashes (blank screen) when switching from full screen to window mode and vice versa.

  • Loading save states sometimes works, sometimes loads but breaks audio output, sometimes crashes the core or causes RA to freeze entirely.
  • Flickering Text with internal resolution set to higher than 1x.
  • Loses audio output all the time during game play and doesn’t turn back on.
  • “Close content” command causes RA to freeze entirely, has to be force quit via task manager

Beetle Saturn works fine, but some games (particularly the Panzer Dragoon series) look rather hideous in native resolution, so I’d really like YS to work. Anyone else having issues like this? Maybe I’m missing some setting to make it work stable?

YabaSanshiro is provided as-is, see my comment at Sega Saturn emulator YabaSanshiro as a core?


Thank you for your response. That’s a bummer. But I do understand. Is there any chance that internal resolution upscaling will be added as a feature to the Beetle core (like ie Beetle PSX HW)?

First step would be to write a HW renderer for beetle saturn, not an easy task : yabasanshiro & kronos authors have been on the task for years and it’s still far from being perfect.


So I found out that many ROMs I own don’t like the 4M memory expansion setting. If anyone has problems, it’s worth a try. It solved most of my problems.

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Not sure why you are using YabaSanshiro in the first place, it seems you are playing on PC, Kronos would be my recommended choice on PC (the main features of YabaSanshiro are its arm dynarecs & gles renderer, which means it’s mobile first), it has a “auto” setting for cartridge, it’s more stable, and has wider compatibility.


I have retroarch in my old lenovo w510, and since yesterday the best emulator to play Sega Saturn Games in low end config was Yabashashiro ( Sega Rally 60fps at native resolution ) but since the last update this one is at average 40-49 fps ), can some one send me an old version of the core for windows (between 24 Feb and 8 march 2020 )

Last Yabasanshiro update was in december (i don’t update it anymore because there are regressions pretty much every time), so a core update isn’t your issue here.

Hello everyone, Concerning the Yabasanshiro core, I find it more stable, with a respectable better graphic rendering (I activate the CRT bezel mode for the games I have to do, a treat !!) this core allows me to have finer renderings on my saturn games (I spent several days testing on all the possible cores on saturn, and it’s really this one that makes the games more beautiful, I leave the resolutions in original mode in the options, without modifying anything .

My problem is when I launch the Shining force III trilogy (I think it must also do this on all saturn games) when I switch from window mode to full screen, I always get a blackscreen, the game runs in the background, but the image remains black, I have to restart the core each time and then I have to stay either in window mode or in full screen mode, otherwise the same problems keep recurring…

So do you have a solution to this problem? any options to modify or other are welcome, thank you very much for your reply!

Long live emulation :wink:

I recently noticed the same issue with the Citra core, so it may be a glcore issue. (Although Snes9x using glcore doesn’t have the issue, and PPSSPP does.)

Beetle saturn is by far the superior saturn core if you don’t intend to use upscaling, i’d recommend using it.

As for yabasanshiro, it’s unmaintained and full of bugs. The black screen issue is due to retroarch destroying then recreating the opengl context when switching between windowed and fullscreen, several hardware-rendered core have similar issues, don’t expect it’ll ever be fixed in the case of an unmaintained core. It won’t happen with beetle saturn which is software rendered.