[4.2][PC] Boxart Questions

Is there a recommended size (resolution) for boxart or is this platform dependant? Also, is it possible to upload boxart to https://thumbnails.libretro.com? (for missing boxarts).


AFAIK, we use 512x512 for everything. You can make submissions to this repo: https://github.com/libretro-thumbnails/libretro-thumbnails

Thanks hunterk.


You can use custom thumbnails if you can’t find one for a particular game or rom hack.

You can see this post on the matter where some of the sources are listed. remember that you must use .png image file formats and that some characters can’t be used IE

There’s also a video tutorial on Odyssey for Lakka OS and Retroarch PC of adding your own thumbnails. I had to post the video channel because for some reasons the video links are not working anymore for this site with videos from Odysee


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Thanks for the link Joystick2600. I have been adding my own by searching the web and then adjusting in Gimp.