4K Bezel Overlay Variations

I’m sure there were more versions. I just wanted to see what this would add to the feel of it( also space invaders looks cool with the speaker next to it). I know what you mean by having it lower, but need to see how that makes the whole look like, we could play with the placement for sure. I did fudge the taito logo on it up a bit so you could see that, I might also want to look at the scale of it, as it feels a bit small compared to the ref. I know Arsinvictus is also going to play with it, so we should come to something cool together.

my two tests:

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Winner is on the left. The ratio is better. Size and placement.

just a quick test with that coin door

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Hey @Briball and @Dreamstate, you guys got me down a rabbit hole with that coin door. Here is my take on it, I just drew an abstract version of the door by hand in photoshop:

And how it might look on a cab:


And here is a lighter version:


Excellent, those pesky rabbit holes always get you. For me I would go a bit deeper and make them a bit more realistic looking, some slight texture/reflection difference and in the metal ref I noticed they used different metals (frame lighter and coin return looks brassy). Anyway, great start on these. They will really finish of the cab look to look like originally manufactured.

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a different coin door for Bally midway games.


Yeah, I’ve never really been targeting realism with these. My style is more the rendered look. I think this could definitely still be improved a bit more with better shading and texture though, so I might experiment with that some more. I’d also be interested in a 3D modeled version like @Dreamstate mentioned, but I’m not familiar with that process at all and don’t even know what app to use for that.

I’m happy to share the PSD if you want to mess around with what I did on this. It was all just hand drawn with effects for embossing, shadows etc.

That midway coin door is also awesome, I’ll play around with this one too. Would be cool to add to the midway overlays :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree @Dreamstate, when you use actual photos, the lighting and shadows will never really blend properly with the other elements and it is distracting. The coin door I’ve been using was rendered and I was trying to mimic that overall effect with my version. It’s not that easy to create that rendered look by hand though.

I looked at the Zacaria pinball game and it is amazing. It’s all rendered and is gorgeous, amazing lighting effects etc.

I’d love to play around with Maya, but don’t know when I’d want to devote that much time to a new tool for the coin doors when there are so many overlays to work on lol.

@papashine, you mentioned you have a VFX background, is coin door rendering something you could help out with?

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Yeah that is what I was thinking too @Dreamstate, the bally one is good enough a source where that might work. Well, time to start work today :frowning:

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Yeah, I wasn’t totally happy with the hinge, I can put some more work into that. The edges are actually all beveled already but it was a subtle effect, apparently too subtle lol. I can make it a little more prominent pretty easily. I’m already pretty happy with how it looks on the cab, since it is dark and just showing a little at the bottom, it is still unique and more authentic to the original :slight_smile:

You are really tempting me to pick up the 3D modeling skills. Sounds like it can be really useful and time saving!

i had two good ref for the Bally, a pity the second one was low rez.


I have tried to take as much of the specular highlight out and did some other stuff to clean it up. I could try a MAYA pass on it, but it takes more time to set up than you think. modeling is the easy part, but getting a good texture (not just a slap on of a photo) is more tricky. the big deal is the lighting direction to make feel intergrated into the cab. I actually work in games so know quite a bit. just didn’t want to go 3D just yet. If you can source good imagery you can get much quicker results. And to me these are still just test to see where this could go, before going down another rabbit hole :wink: But if we know which coin-doors we would like then we could do a full 3D pass on them and nail them down. (and like Ars i’m enjoying the photoshop work as i haven’t been doing that for a long time and this is a good way to rebuild my skill set)

i took a screen grab from zaccaria, looks ok when the camera is moving, but it’s really low rez and low poly when still (probably normal mapped. you could try to do a screen grab looking at it straight on, but i don’t have it installed here. image


Actually thats a really cool effect, have the bezel around the screen darker so the actual game screen ‘pops’ more!!!. Good thinking!!!

Yeah that second photo would be a perfect base to work from.

I agree, let’s research some different coin doors and see if there are some that we think would be a good set to build out in 3D. I need to see if Galloping Ghost has reopened. They have almost 800 cabinets there, I could just walk around and get good photos of some of the more interesting ones.

If you have those skills and can knock them out pretty quickly it would be great! I spent my entire night on that coin door, it’s the first time I’ve tried putting something like that together in photoshop so had to experiment a lot with the effects etc and was slow going. I think a real 3D render would be the best solution for these.

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Damn @Dreamstate! That is incredible! I’m guessing you could whip out a simple coin door in a few minutes, if you could do all that :slight_smile:

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Well now you’ve done it, I’ll see if I can put a 3d version together.

Btw Nice work @Dreamstate.


work so far, just for the funs:


I am still working on the texturing and have to get used to rendering as that is something i haven’t done in years. I’m using Maya 2018/2019. but it’s a work licence and as we have special plugins for game stuff, somethings are different to the normal package. I cant find a decent renderer for example, but will ask around tomorrow. and on that note it’s late here and going down. but i’ll leave you with this.