Beetle PSX HW - Prerendered backgrounds based games [Best Shader]

You mean xbr non-3d shaders? I think they shade polygons only at native resolution, but let me explain myself better, i was simply looking for a “softener” (like 4xsoftSdB shader) that works only on 3d elements. 4xsoftSdB is great, but i noticed that makes FMVs incredibly blurry, vanishing Super xBR 3D filtering.

Hey Ex, your Shader looks incredible can you reupload the newer version of this Super 8xBR shader With FMV sharpness? The link in this thread is dead.

it looks incredible. Tell me, can this shader be ported to epsxe by the pete openGl plugin?

thank you for putting the shader file together, and yes it does indeed look good :slight_smile:

anyways, the link is down and your shader file can’t be downloaded anymore. :cry:

it would be cool if you could upload it again.

thank you!

I just use 4x Internal Resolution for the 3D elements with Adaptive Smoothing for the pre-rendered background 2D elements and text, I don’t use any shaders at all with Beetle PSX HW. Here are my results compared to yours:

And this:

You can start with native resolution and try these shader presets: