Best shader for Ps1 3D games?

Hello there guys, so i been messing around with retroarch for the past hour to figure out the best shader to play FF7. I’ve tried so many shaders lol i kinda like the crt xbr one but feel like it looks so dark. What do you guys recommend? I’m also using the supersampling feature.

The main reason to use supersampling is for CRT effects. If you want the xBR look, I would recommend disabling supersampling and using the super-xbr-3D shaders, which will scale the backgrounds and HUD elements while ignoring the upscaled polygons.


I really like crt look tho. I love how ff7 looks here Nedi + Super Sampling + CRT = Awesome . Seems like it’s not easy to achieve this look tho

I came here just to ask this. I have been using the ntsc-256 on my Playstation Classic which makes the image looks almost as good as a downsampled image from Beetle PSX HW.

The only issue is that it darkens the image but it works better for some games than others.

I really like the Nedi filters but i can’t find one with scanlines. Is there any way that i can add crt effect to the nedi shader?

Easiest way is to pop a scanline overlay on top of whatever shader setup you come up with.

okay ill try that. thanks!