Best way to get DC looking good with a CRT look?

When i run it at anything other than 240 every CRT shader looks silly. PRetty sure i know why. However, when i run it at 240 the shaders look OK but stuff like the text in Capcom Vs SNK looks horrible. What do you guys recommend? Keeping in mind im working with an Intel UHD 630.


well, they usually used either progressive scan monitors (arcade) or interlaced signals (home TVs), so you might try either a shader where you can’t see any scanlines (e.g., bicubic followed by dotmask shader) or one that supports interlacing simulation, such as crt-geom.

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I read some stuff here about shaders that can force it back to 240p and then apply a CRT shader… but it was all over my head. I’d try geom… but Intel GPU 59p or 60p?

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Does crt-guest-dr-venom shader supports interlacing simulation?

dreamcast runs at 480p on a crt

i use a crt computer monitor to play dreamcast, naomi and atomiswave, so in my experience what you are looking for is very (VERY) thin scanlines separating pixels but in 480p instead of 240p (240p has thick scanlines and are for lower resolution older games)

i don’t have any pictures right now on my phone though, but you want to do something like that to emulate 640x480 crt

The issue with Capcom vs SNK is that is mixes low-res graphics designed for 240p with high res graphics/text designed for 480i/p, which is why e.g. the sprites will look a little out of place even on real hardware.The vast majority of DC games don’t have this issue.

In theory, forcing 240p through the Flycast internal res setting for games which are known to support it might not look correctly because it’s limited to 320x240, according to the Hardware Specs here there are also 640x240 modes that games might have been designed for.

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It doesn’t support it, no. It sortof aims for higher (Y) resolution displays in this matter, where scanlines can be nice looking. :wink:


Will we have more news in your shader?


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Ehe, i think it’s quite complete, it already had one large overhaul. Sure there are always more features out there, but i already had a complaint about complexity. :smile: Maybe it’ll get a HDR compatibility tweak one day, it’s still mostly undiscovered land with crt shaders.


Well, i gave up and am using stock as a core preset hehe :smiley:

DC only runs at 480p if you’re using a VGA box and then only on compatible games (not all of them work). If you’re using a standard SDTV then DC will display at 480i or 240p in games that support it (some of the arcade ports support 240p mode)

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