CoinMech project - 4k rendered coin door art

I’ve recently been working with @ArsInvictus, @Dreamstate and @Briball to build out some full 3-D coin doors from various manufactures including Nintendo, Williams, Taito (and more) with the aim to get a full set covering most variations to be included in vertical overlay cabinet art. This thread is a resource to share those and keep the development on one easy place.

Feel free to use these as you like, though a simple credit/tag would be appreciated just so I can see the work you produce with them!

Each door when complete will be available in 4K and in a minimum of two variations of lighting, (natural and lowlight) although if anyone needs anything specific, or would like to nominate an any please feel free to reach out and I will try and accommodate your needs.

Here’s the link to the art: CoinMech project 4K downloads

Keep checking back as this will fill up over time, I hope you find these useful to your work. Thanks again to the whole overlay community for your amazing efforts!


Thanks for putting these together @PapaShine, you’ve already made a great contribution to the community. Can’t wait to see the fantastic collaborations yet to come!


Taito Coin door - 4k and 8k Ready

Thanks to @ArsInvictus, @Dreamstate and @Briball for the research, initial artwork and reference images I used as a guide for this - here’s a small preview:

High Res files available HERE


Ditto. This promises to be just as exciting for me as switching from horizontal art to vertical. 3D modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering adds so much to these beautiful artworks members here create. All of us can see this as super exciting!!!


Itallian Zaccaria Coin door - 4k and 8k Ready

Thanks to @ArsInvictus, @Dreamstate for the research and reference images I used as a guide for this one - here’s a small preview of the renders:

Natural Light; shows off the chrome and brushed metal shaders I’ve been working on for this:

Low Light: For a softer defused look:

And Black Light: more as a test really!

High Res files available HERE


Thanks for the kind words @Dreamstate, your enthusiasm is encouraging, much appreciated!

I’ll start to share some lit ‘texture sheet’ packs soon; large sheets of various materials (plastics, brushed metal (matt/shiny) etc) used in these cabs so people can cut them up and use as they see fit - keep the core group using PS fed with new tools and toys to play with I hope!


Thanks @ArsInvictus, that’s very kind of you to say - its been a pleasure getting to know you and working on these together - def looking forward to bringing more of these to life and future collaborations!

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great Stuff, really nice texture and modeling. they really look great and will definitely help to finish of some of the overlays.

I have two minor suggestions and it would really be to see if it’s better than it already is, the zaccaria lettering seemed to be more pronounced in the ref (there are different version) I saw, just a bit more bump

and found this ref image

and what if you pull the camera back some what and zoom in more, just to push back a bit on the fisheye feel I am getting on the coin slots.

Yes, I am nit picking (in my and your work I think we get used to it). Although as it is, it’s 200% times better than what I could do (at the moment) :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Looking at it more the lettering is actually nearly spot on, just I saw that second ref and was stuck in my head.


I hear you, definitely allot of welcome nitpicking in our line of work, all adds to a better result! i think various doors had that logo punched in to it and have various soft and sharp lines - the 3D element is at the same height as the whole front panel and is actually quite deep but it doesn’t show so well with the diffused light , I think on that second reference there its the curved bevel thats giving it that highlight - can sort out a version more like that if you like?

Nintendo R-Type Door - 4k and 8k Ready

Requested by @ArsInvictus for a new pass at Rtype, thanks for your feedback on this too. Its a very universally recognized door format, and almost identical to the one found on the Data East cabs (Robocop, etc) but those have no brushed metal, just black plastic so I’ll have a variation of this ready soon for anyone who wants that too:

Low Light : a soft defused look:

High Res files available HERE


This is really nice. Good work. You’re on a rol.

And to answer the Zaccaria logo version question. Keep that for a later date, what you have does look good already.

Just give the camera zoom idea a go when you get time. Just curious if that will look better. :crazy_face:

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Hey @Briball, I do know exactly what you mean, I like the slight 3D projection/perspective this door has, but maybe people will prefer a flatter option too/instead - here’s a render with the camera far back and zoomed in and i’ve beefed up the height of the text with some enhanced ambient occlusion to make it pop a little more:


For me this is perfect, thanks.

Also like the chime plating textures, the tiny scratches and nicks. Really nice details.


I really like this one too. Looks perfect!

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Then I’ll do a set like this for each door too, unless this is the way to go? thanks for the suggestion @Briball, I’d considered it before but was preoccupied with all the modelling, texturing/custom shaders and light - it might fit more with the illustrated elements adding a nice level of real detail at the same time as I don’t want this stuff to jar with everyone’s overlays, needs to blend in seamlessly!


Data East style Coin Door - 4k and 8k Ready

Now available in Black Plastic and Brushed Metal!; These are almost identical to the RType door but widely used on Data East cabs and many more, on further digging it seems there is a lot of cabs that use either depending on the distribution with the brushed metal or this black plastic. To keep things simple I’ve amalgamated them into one folder with Plastic and Metal variations and you can choose which fits:

Low Light : a soft defused look for ‘Ars style’ overlays:

Papashine_DataEast_coindoor_Plastic_LowLight_v001 Papashine_DataEast_coindoor_Metal_LowLight_v001 !

Natural Light; Shows off the black metal paint Papashine_DataEast_coindoor_Metal_NaturalLight_v001


And Black Light : does anyone want these?


High Res files available HERE


That black light/low light version is a great alternative for me when I create my dimly lit views. But if it’s a bother don’t worry about it. I can always just use the fully lit ones, apply some reduced exposure, add some blue and a touch of red rgb levels and It has much the same effect. I would like to see one attempt at brightly lit coin slots though. My way is slightly time consuming. What i really need are just some different slots, nothing else, brightly illuminated. Then I can just drop them into the pieces Ars or whom ever creates then add some additional light effects. It’s just getting those slots to look like there’s bright LED’s inside that’s the trouble.


PM me with some more details and I’ll sort it for you - happy to supply this ‘black light’ but if it’s not much different To your results then I can leave you to your process :slight_smile:

Do you mean just the slots; no door, maybe just the metal surround with back lit plastic in various styles/shapes as I do them?

I might start to upload these as PSD’s with everything in layers and solo the red coin slots (lit) on the top layer to help isolate it if you want to adjust everything else?

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Next up I was thinking of finishing the Williams coin doors, then Nintendo ‘donkey Kong’ coin doors, unless any one has a request or preference in order :+1:

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Awesome news. I"m In no rush on anything really. Just hope to have that marquee included with the next piece I cleaned up when Ars gets around to it. I’ll be throwing that Nintendo coin door on my versions as soon as you upload them.

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