CRT-Guest-Advanced, HD and NTSC for ReShade!

UPDATE (29 March, 2024) Latest (crt-guest-advanced-2024-03-27-release1) version release!

CRT-Guest-ReShade (Please report any issues you find in these forums.)




Resolution settings (Resolution_X and Resolution_Y) can usually be found at the bottom in Preprocessor Definitions.



Some screenshots at default settings.

Advanced -

HD -



Tested HD version and works in principle for me - it seems it’s not DX9 compatible, which is a bit of a bummer (tested with Atari ST Steem emulator). Older Guest Advanced works, although some yellow warnings are shown in the reshade gui. Any chance to make it work for D3D9 and maybe also port the fastest version (for laptop use, sorry to ask so much :grimacing:)


Please post the error log here so I can help you.

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E:\Gaming\16bit+ computer\Atari ST+\Steem.SSE.4.0.1.Win64.D3D\Shader@0x000000000F822040(2335,19-45): warning X3553: can’t use gradient instructions in loops with break, forcing loop to unroll

E:\Gaming\16bit+ computer\Atari ST+\Steem.SSE.4.0.1.Win64.D3D\Shader@0x000000000F822040(2392,2-14): error X3511: unable to unroll loop, loop does not appear to terminate in a timely manner (432 iterations) or unrolled loop is too large, use the [unroll(n)] attribute to force an exact higher number

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What ReShade version are you on by the way?

The error should look something like this -

D:\Emulators\RetroArch\ReShade\RetroTerminal.fx(30, 20): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
D:\Emulators\RetroArch\ReShade\RetroTerminal.fx(31, 20): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
D:\Emulators\RetroArch\ReShade\RetroTerminal.fx(37, 16): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
D:\Emulators\RetroArch\ReShade\RetroTerminal.fx(52, 20): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type

I was using 5.6. Trying it with 5.8 doesn’t change the error. I see the implict truncation error in the log for the deconverge.fx shader I have (part of the Retroarch pack), but it successfully compiles.

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I’m currently installing a DX9 game (Fallout 3) to see if I get the same errors.

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Ok. So I’m not getting this error on my end and its hard for me to diagnose this error from your logs as it shows issues on line 2335 and 2392 which is weird as the HD shader only goes to 2048 lines.

I’ll test this more in the morning.

I did another install with another emulator where it shows 1727 and 1741 instead. Maybe something is screwed up by other stuff, I’ll do clean reinstalls and only test with basic effects and the Guest shader tomorrow also.

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This second emulator may be more helpful. I assume its DX9 too?

Also, what gpu brand are you using Nvidia, Amd or Intel?

Please test these!




EDIT - Oops. Fixed a little mistake in HD.


Yes, I’ve tested with the PC-80 emulator from Takeda’s Common Source Code Project. GPU is Nivida.

Guest Advanced and HD compile now! NTSC gives this error:

(DX9 Fix Test).fx(1174,11-25): error X4509: maximum sampler register index exceeded, target has 16 slots, manual bind to slot s20 failed

Also tested HD with the Steem emulator, and it seems buggy there (also compiles though) but I’ll try to get it consistent with the other emulator so it displays the error lines correctly.

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Which emulator from your link specifically is the PC-80 one (I’ve never used these)? That seems the most promising in terms of error codes.

This looks like a hard limit in DX9 of how many textures/samplers (which seems to be 16) can be used in a shader. I’ll try out some things to fix this.

If you still have problems in Steem please post the error codes here.

It’s one archive which contains all the emulator binaries but it won’t be of much use because you need specific bios files and not so easy to acuqire files to test. I have send you a private message with a link so you can take a look at the PC 80 emulator which includes the necessary files.

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Thanks for the files. But I kinda figured out the issue with NTSC. I’ll just have to split it into multiple different passes just like in RetroArch. It might take me some time as I gotta learn how to do that, lol!


No problem, thanks for the effort. I’ll take a look at Steem again to see what going on there.

Edit: Seems to also work correctly now, I think what I saw earlier might be related to emulator settings, after restarting it switches correctly and it looks scanlines are properly aligned and I can’t see issues with the mask.

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Here’s the DX9 test build. (I seperated Afterglow and PreShader into its own shader to bypass DX9 samplers limit.)

Always put CRT-Guest-PreShader above Advanced, HD and NTSC in the ReShade menu.

@Jamirus (or anyone) please test this. If there are no more issues I’ll add it to Github.

Also, @guest.r thanks for the help with Vignette.


i wouldn’t mind a vulkan and Dx11+ builds

i am pretty much running both of late

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The shaders in first post work with everything (except for DX9) and these new ones work with every renderer. No need for Vulkan or DX11+ builds.

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