CyberLab Death To Pixels Shader Preset Packs

Yeah, when I follow the presets the only ones there are is

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I found that 1080p Console Specific Sega Genesis won’t load.

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Thanks, will check it out ASAP.

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I solved it.

I left out the “.slangp” at the end of the referenced filename.

Will reupload a new package as soon as I get a chance.

Package updated and uploaded.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

@hgoda90 That preset is simply an alias or shortcut to my 1080p Blending and Transparency preset as that was made for Sega Genesis in the first place.


Just posting these so that anyone interested can get an idea of what I see when I view my presets on my good old Toshiba Regza 40XV645U rear CCFL backlit LCD TV.

There are some aspects of my presets that look better on this TV than on my 4K IPS Edge-lit LED TV. For starters this TV uses a Samsung VA panel and it’s in RGB 4:4:4 mode as opposed to the YCbCr 4:2:0 mode at 4K of my 4K TV. While the image is excellent on my 4K IPS and I have few complaints, the colours on the Toshiba seem to emit a sort of glow, even the whites that just isn’t noticed on the 4K IPS.

Be sure to zoom in on these shots to see what’s going on at the subpixel level.

For the ones below you might have to click on the image then Load Full Resolution, then zoom in or Open in a new Tab, then Zoom in or view Fullscreen for them to look properly due to the mask and scanlines settings.


CyberLab ReShade Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack


Tap or click on the images then tap or click Load Full Resolution. After that zoom in or right click on the image and open in new tab to view these images properly.

Potential Spoiler Alert

Here are updated versions of the CRT-Guest-Advanced family of shaders which have been ported to ReShade:

Here’s a link to the old version (which is what I used when I made these presets):

Finally, here are some other shaders which have been ported to ReShade:


Try setting the Retroarch>>Settings>>Video>>Scaling setting to “Full”.


Salut salut De quel façon je peux m’en servir et avec quel version du jeux ?

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I think you might need to be more specific.

What game are you trying to play?

Are you asking about my CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack?

I suggest you scroll all the way to the top of this thread and read the first post. There you will find all that you need.

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Edit: Belay that. (The background is full screen.) What specific preset are you using so we can try to recreate the issue?


Have you updated your RetroArch, HSM MegaBezel Reflection Shader and CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack to the latest versions?

Have you double checked and followed all HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader installation and setup instructions to a tee?

Besides letting us know what preset it is you’re trying to load that is giving you this result, what happens when you try to load other presets in the pack?


Does this happen with only SNES?

I’m wondering maybe you have bsnes core with the widescreen feature on?

The only way this thing can usually happen is if the core is outputting something like a 16:9 image with the black bars inside the image.


Yeah I think it was just the core. I tried the bsnes-hd core and it shows the same results with default settings.

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Good evening and sorry for my lack of precision because I thought I had answered the post concerning The TMNT Preset Shader Pack I don’t know how to apply it because the game runs without retroarch sorry again for my english

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Oui, mon mal. You did answer the correct post. I missed that.

Right, it seems as if you would like to use my new ReShade Preset Pack with TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.

This ReShade Preset Pack contains presets for the ReShade Shader Injector Software.

If you read the Readme.txt file inside of the pack it tells you everything you need in order to install and use the presets.

Also the presets can be used on other games beside TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. They can even be used on RetroArch but you should probably use the built-in shader system if using RetroArch.

So take it step by step. Be sure to read the Readme.txt and you can look at these videos to get you started before you install my presets.

En Français

Feel free to report back if you still need assistance.


Magnifique je vais regardé ça de plus prêt merciii beaucoup

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For some reason the subpixels aren’t as clean and natural looking as what you see in the Megatron thread. Is this a TV thing? I couldn’t find any info on this TV’s subpixels.

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I’m really not sure. It could also be a camera thing as I didn’t use a tripod and I was focusing manually and trying different camera settings in an attempt to capture shots that looked more like what I saw when viewing in real life.

I can’t even remember if I disabled noise before taking the pictures as well. Some of the pics used macro mode.

In person the image quality is as described, rather than what you see in the pics which are more like an approximation. As you can see with varying camera settings and distance from the screen, there’s quite a bit of variability in the pictures.

One of these days, I’ll try to use a tripod and perhaps another camera to see if I can get some more professional looking results. Not sure when I’ll get the time to do this though but it’s in the back of my mind to do someday.


CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack is now to be installed in the RetroArch/Shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community_Collections folder!

The old Mega_Bezel_Community folder can (and should) be deleted.

All relevant paths should also be updated to maintain compatibility.

For a completely seamless transition you can use an app like Notepad++ which has a batch Find & Replace function to replace all instances of the old folder string with the new one in the RetroArch/Shaders folder as well as the RetroArch/Config folder.

This will preserve your existing Global, Game, Directory, Core and Custom User Created Presets as well.


Hi everyone! First of all, after months using your shaders, I wanted to thank you for your beautiful work.

But if I’m commenting today is because obviously, there’s a little issue.

I’m not home today and will not be able to make screenshots until next week but wanted to already make the post if it was a known issue. When I try using your shaders with the Flycast core, games just doesn’t look well (Vulkan), D3D11 crashes a lot for me so I didn’t even tested it.

It’s really weird. When I add scanlines, I only see vertical scanlines, when I set them to vertical scanlines… they become horizontal, but as soon as I try to tweak the scanlines a little bit, everything becomes blurry and just doesn’t work normally.

The only things that show properly are the bezel, the glass of the screen, and the grid separating the pixels. Everything else is broken. Even the colours look pretty weird.

If someone else as complained about it, I would really like to know how they fixed it/what their settings are to play Naomi/Atomiswave games.

If my issue is really personnal, I will wait to be home so that I can take pictures, but after searching on the internet, it looks like other people have been getting the same issue with shaders!

In this reddit post I saw online, he compares the same shader, running on PSX core, and on Flycast.! image|468x443


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