CRT Royale black screen when saving as preset

I’m able to load CRT Royale and adjust parameters and everything works fine and as expected, and I’m able to use the shader, but if I try to save the shader as a preset, core preset, game preset or hit apply changes I suddenly get a black screen with no image. This happens with slang, GLSL and CG, all fast, intel versions, etc. I’ve tried with vulkan, GL and GLCore drivers and always have the same issue. This has been happening with at least the last 3 or 4 stable builds. I don’t remember if I ever tried saving a CRT Royale based preset before that or if I had issues then.

If I want to use CRT Royale I have to load it fresh from the shaders menu and make my preferred parameter adjustments every time I load new content since I can’t save.

This may not be the most elegant solution but you could open the shader in notepad and adjust all of the settings via notepad.

If you use different settings for different cores/games this would be a pain as you would have to have as many copies of the shader as you do different settings, but if you use one set of the settings for everything it should be pretty simple way to fix for part of this… Don’t really have a solution for fixing your presets issue.

I had black screen when I set border_size to exactly 0. Setting it to very low number, but above zero, helps. (for example 0.005)

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Thank you! I was always setting border size parameter to 0, but setting it greater than 0 has fixed the issue and I no longer get a black screen when saving.

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I can set the minimum value for that parameter to 0.0001 or whatever. That won’t stop someone from setting it to true zero in the preset, but it would at least prevent it during runtime.

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