Crt-Royale Kurozumi Edition Help


@legolas119: The shader is actually in the CG shaders “CGP folder” called crt-royale-kurozumi.cgp. The regular crt-royale is just default settings. As far as the cropping, if you are talking about black space around the image, that’s what you want the original aspect ratio of the game and interger scaling ON for the scanline shaders to pervent uneven scanlines.

@jnsl: It’s a limitation or optical illusion of shaders or flatscreen monitors, or at least this shader. It will do it on vertical games that scroll vertically too, so ideally for vertical games you want to switch to a different shader that flips scanlines vertically. Actraiser 2 isn’t a vertical game, though… so you just have to deal with it unless other scanline shaders don’t do that? Experiment.


thank you!

  1. Ah, so the shader of the 1st post is available by default? I only need to apply crt-royale-kurozumi.cgp and that’s all? Have I to do anything else in order to emulate a sony crt?

  2. No, i’n mot talking about black spaces, i’m talking about thecropped image if I enlarge the screen with the button “enlarge” at the top-right corner of the screen of Retroarch. Instead, if I enlarge the video using the option Use FullScreen Mode = ON, [I]the screen isn’t cropped. Is this the righrt way to maximise the size of the area where we can play?

  3. which is the difference between [/I]cg and glsl shaders?

    1. if i want to use the filter for RGB (that it is the better choice if i’m not wrong), i have selected Blarg_NTSC_SNES_RGB because it is the unique RGB filter for the bsnes core, is it correct?

thank you very much!


@∞Phantasm Here you go:


Thanks! I guess I save those as .cg files?


Yeah, you can name them


Heya guys, I was just wondering has anyone found a small form factor and cheap device that can run this shader at 1080p? Any of the intel compute sticks running win10 or odroids running linux? Lattepanda running windows 10? etc I am trying to find the best device that can run this shader at full speed on 2d 8/16bit systems. Maybe the up coming udoox86? Is it possible to tell on paper what specs would be needed? Modded ps3?


This shader spins my R9 290 GPU fan up pretty high… I’m going to venture a guess that most SFF stuff is going to have trouble with it, let alone anything cheap.


Does anyone have a pre made cgp/cg for this? I tried the settings ont he first page but they don’t seem to work. I’m running the latest stable RA.


If you have the latest Cg shaders from the online updater, you should already have it.


Yeah, I have the latest as I just updated. Is it just called crt-royale? as I don’t see crt-royale-kurozumi :confused:


it’s in the cgp directory, called crt-royale-kurozumi.cgp.


Thank you I found it :slight_smile:


I’m just in love with this awesome shader, it’s a million miles better than just about anything else. Stacking it with some of Themaister’s NTSC passes makes it perfect even for PSX (dithering is gone).

I found a (minor?) issue though. There is some kind of green tint unevenly distributed across the gray scale. Is this something possible to fix without breaking the preset?

This screenshot is from the gray ramp test of the 240p Test Suite, running on bsnes. Latest version of Kurozumi’s preset, no tweaks, no NTSC (see it in full screen to get rid of the horizontal lines).


It seems the latest Kurozumi (slang) is bugged.


Apart from the green tint (which seems to be a problem of CRT Royale in general), I’m not getting any other issue with the latest cgp.


Try changing these lines back to the previous settings: -mask_sample_mode_desired = “1.000000” -mask_specify_num_triads = “1.000000” -mask_triad_size_desired = “3.000000”


Thank you that worked!


ah, ok. I’ll revert those lines in the repo, too. Thanks for testing and reporting back!


Oh boy :frowning: that looks horrible…

these were some kinda “really old” settings: -mask_sample_mode_desired = “1.000000” -mask_specify_num_triads = “1.000000” -mask_triad_size_desired = “3.000000”

Funny thing is, after that it was broken on all my screens :sweat_smile: I’ll look into it… damn and i was totally happy to get the “slight glow” in the bright areas right now, and tested it on many different monitors/tvs. Sorry that i broke it for you!


Kurozumi gave me some more settings that I committed to the repos if anyone can test either version (slang and/or Cg) and report any problems/artifacts.