Crt-Royale Kurozumi Edition Help


Tested latest slang and I did not notice any problems.


Yeah everybody should try out them, the version before the latest (to fix the slang artifacts) sadly introduced other artifacts (and a bit different colors, too) that’s fixed now, so please update your shaders and load the profile!

We don’t know why, yet, but the Slang version behaves quite different, that’s why there were these artifacts Arviel was talking about. So please keep in mind, if you use the Slang version it won’t look the same as the CG Version. Some of the parameters are not working, but of course i tried to match the slang version as closely as possible!

Here is a picture, that shows the difference:

I bet many people won’t notice much difference, maybe i’m quite OCD about the shader :relieved: , but the most noticable difference is the convergence, i guess, which is quite off…

@Gonira : I looked into the color drift problem you mentioned (green tint), and unfortunately i can’t fix it, since it’s in CRT-Royale in general, not only the BVM style/Kurozumi. Tried every parameter i could, i can get all kinds of tints in the grey ramp (mostly purple, green or yellow), but i’m not able to get it perfectly flat without any tint. I really would love to fix that, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

So guys, please report (ok i bet you will) if you are encountering weird things, especially in the slang version! Thanks :slight_smile:


A little off-topic but i wonder if it is possible to add CG support to vulkan?


Nope, Cg is dead. Something like that might have been possible if Nvidia open-sourced their Cg compiler after deprecating it but that didn’t happen.


Ahh okay, that makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer!


Thank you for having a look into the color issue, Kurozumi. I can live with it, your settings look great anyway.

@hunterk, are the settings in the repo really up to date? I just downloaded them, but kurozumi’s cgp is identical to what I already had.


They’re up to date with whatever the last settings he gave me were. It’s these:

crt_gamma = "2.400000"
lcd_gamma = "2.400000"
levels_contrast = "0.740000"
halation_weight = "0.005000"
diffusion_weight = "0.005000"
bloom_underestimate_levels = "0.800000"
bloom_excess = "0.000000"
beam_min_sigma = "0.020000"
beam_max_sigma = "0.200000"
beam_spot_power = "0.370000"
beam_min_shape = "2.000000"
beam_max_shape = "4.000000"
beam_shape_power = "0.250000"
beam_horiz_filter = "0.000000"
beam_horiz_sigma = "0.545000"
beam_horiz_linear_rgb_weight = "1.000000"
convergence_offset_x_r = "-0.050000"
convergence_offset_x_g = "0.000000"
convergence_offset_x_b = "0.000000"
convergence_offset_y_r = "0.100000"
convergence_offset_y_g = "-0.050000"
convergence_offset_y_b = "0.100000"
mask_type = "0.000000"
mask_sample_mode_desired = "0.000000"
mask_specify_num_triads = "0.000000"
mask_triad_size_desired = "1.000000"
mask_num_triads_desired = "900.000000"
aa_subpixel_r_offset_x_runtime = "-0.333333"
aa_subpixel_r_offset_y_runtime = "0.000000"
aa_cubic_c = "0.500000"
aa_gauss_sigma = "0.500000"
geom_mode_runtime = "0.000000"
geom_radius = "3.000000"
geom_view_dist = "2.000000"
geom_tilt_angle_x = "0.000000"
geom_tilt_angle_y = "0.000000"
geom_aspect_ratio_x = "432.000000"
geom_aspect_ratio_y = "329.000000"
geom_overscan_x = "1.000000"
geom_overscan_y = "1.000000"
border_size = "0.005000"
border_darkness = "0.000000"
border_compress = "2.500000"
interlace_bff = "0.000000"
interlace_1080i = "0.000000"

You can try pasting those into your cgp manually to be sure.


Yeah, it’s the same. I thought there were new changes yesterday. Thanks!


Strange how the “sub-pixels” aren’t using the same colors. The slang version really has an overall blue tint.


@Gonira : CG Settings are the same (back to where they should be, Slang Settings are different, to look like CG as good as possible. They were different for about 2 days, (hotfix from hunterk), but that could break it by showing vertical bars and slightly weird colors. That’s why i told everybody to update. But the settings you have are about 2 weeks old, so yeah they are up to date :slight_smile:

@Tatsuya79 : Convergence Settings and beam_horiz_filter are broken, and mask_sample_mode 0 ain’t working either (that would show Arviel’s bug). Can’t do anything about it, yet :frowning:


I made some changes to the slang version that should get the convergence and mask parameters working. Let me know if it fixed/broke anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, i’ll update and try it, lets have some slang fun :blush:

Edit: Oh wow hunterk, the difference is HUGE! Tweaked Settings responding to your changes, and the result is much closer (new slang settings are not yet online yet!):

So i guess you didn’t break anything, awesome awesome work hunterk!

Edit again: hunterk has updated the slang version, so to everyone who wants to try and who has running slang shaders, have fun! Image should be much less blurry with the updated settings :slight_smile:


is there a way to use this with am2r version 1.2.3 if not can someone help me get the reshade crt settings right i tried everywhere and there’s no video or written guide on it. so please if you can help me with this i’d really appreciate it.


No way to use it with am2r, no.

You’ll probably have better luck asking for reshade settings help at their forum, but maybe someone here will have some info for you. If so, please take it PMs, though, since it’s off-topic for this thread.


where can i ask on here about how to use reshade to work with am2r 1.2.3?


You can make a new thread or post in one of the other reshade threads, which this would be on-topic for.


On topic, I just completed the arduous task of converting crt-royale to the glsl shader format by hand (which involved unrolling the maze of #includes in each file), so now you can use vanilla royale and kurozumi’s preset on cores that don’t play nicely with Cg and/or slang.


Shader Settings have been updated! Slang is still on workaround settings, but of course it should work without getting the artifacts Arviel had a month ago.

With the new updated settings, the Kurozumi version of royale uses two shader-parts that are different from the original crt-royale. I opted for that, because i’ve seen a 32" BVM running 240p consoles about three weeks ago and recognized how off the blooming in the shader has been. Of course i tried to fix that and the only thing that did the trick was swapping shader-parts. I asked hunterk to swap the blur-shaders to a different version and he did.

So just remember, if you use your own settings: The same parameter-settings will look different in royale-kurozumi vs. crt-royale!

Hope you still have fun with the shader, enjoy :slight_smile:


So slang looks a bit different but cg and glsl should look the same?


Slang and GLSL should look identical, Cg looks a little different, but not by much.