CyberLab Death To Pixels Shader Preset Packs

Ill check it ASAP, thanks man! You mention an improve in scanlines, whats the differences? Cant wait to know, lol.

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The difference should mainly be noticeable in games that use resolutions which interfere with the spacing of the scanlines causing the appearance of bands of uneven scanlines. A good example of this is AirZonk for TurboGrafx-16. For many games, if not most, you shouldn’t see any noticeable difference.

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Sounds like a very reasonable upgrade to me, thanks man!

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The real deal! CRT Shaders wouldn’t be anywhere today without their ancestors!

And here’s another one!


Here’s another video from jtay9562 showing CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack in action!

Thanks for the great videos jtay9562 !!

CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack in Action!


Hey Cyber, what about a preset that resembles a JVC D series with it´s shadowmask magic? I dont know if it can be done, for i can see the d series have a little saturated color, maybe thats one of the reasons the people like them so much, they look close to arcade crt´s with not too much scanlines but i think thats how a good shadowmask crt has to look, looking at your last posts with the d series maybe it can be done or maybe its too hard, i dont have a clue.

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Hi, It’s interesting that you would ask that. Just this morning I was playing around with trying to get the Shadow Mask as well as Slot Mask CRT look for different reasons. I believe the JVCs use Slot Mask, while Shadow Masks are what many computer monitors used. It’s not always that simple to get something that gels together and works properly or even matches the CRT counterparts. I don’t think the technology is quite there yet. There are always some compromises that need to be made especially if you want things to be plug and play and user friendly. Stay tuned!

This zoomed in screenshot is from one of the pics of the JVC AV-32D303 from my earlier post.

Here’s a Trinitron for comparison:


How are you taking these shots? I’m dying to get an accurate picture but I can’t using my mid range phone. Dedicated camera? $1,300 phone? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you referring to these pictures?

Those are the only ones on this thread so far that I’ve taken myself. The others from real CRTs and that one video of my shader presets running on a projector are from Reddit posts by other users. If you click on the links you’ll see the original creators/posters.

What’s the name of the game with the knight and the big dude, please ? :smiley:

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Oh, that’s Magic Sword!! An arcade classic from my youth!!

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Thanks ! I like how it looks, I’m gonna try it !

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Happy to share. Hope to be able to record in 4K in the future. It’s too powerful for my poor budget gaming rig a the moment.

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That would be something! Welcome to the Libretro community! I hope you would find your stay here to be an enjoyable experience!

Perhaps you can share some of your specs and I can give you some recommendations? I’ve had no trouble so far capturing at 4k 60 fps with relatively high bitrate to capture the scanlines and mask detail without too many artifacts using Geforce Experience (NVENC). I then transcode to HEVC using Handbrake with some really awesome custom settings that again keep all of the details intact!

I do all of this on an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X and a pair of Geforce GTX 1070s in Sli with 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM. I don’t mind sharing my capture settings and workflow.

Also, stay tuned for the next huge update of both my preset pack as well as HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader!! It’s coming closer and closer to release and I think you’ll like what you see in addition to the much improved performance!


Greetings folks, I hope you’all are really enjoying my CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack this holiday season! It’s been a wonderful journey so far. We’ve reached 4,000+ views in the first month alone so that means people are sharing the joy!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you’all know that my next preset pack update is in the works and should be available soon! There’ll be some changes.

The most notable of which is the requirement to upgrade to the latest HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader when it releases. The new preset package will not work as is on the current or older versions of HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader.

You’ll also be seeing some changes to the folder structure so that things can hopefully be a lot easier and intuitive to navigate. I want you to be able to select your favorite and most suitable presets with ease!

I’ve also taken the opportunity to streamline this package so you may not see some presets that I no longer use in my day to day operations. This package has always been based on what I actually use and on making it possible for others to share in my experience. With that said feel free to let me know if your favourite preset didn’t make the cut and I’ll see if I can arrive at a solution.

So without further ado, here’s a sneak peak at my upcoming Shader Preset Pack!

Since dark screenshots are all the rage now I know you guys would understand if they’re not the brightest! lol It’s all about the mask! The shadow mask in this case!!

Tip: You might have to brighten your screens and/or ensure that you view them at original size to fully appreciate these:

To allay any brightness concerns arising out of my dark screenshots, this is a picture of my TV running the same new shadow mask Computer Monitor Presets at the same brightness settings as I have been using all the time with my other presets.

This is my Computer Monitor - Sharp preset which is identical to my Computer Monitor - Raw preset except that the Raw version has ScaleFX turned off.

This is a very quick and dirty cellphone photo. I can actually see the scanlines from 6 feet away. So what I see is much sharper, defined and detailed that what was captured in that photo.

I just finished transcoding a video using my Computer Monitor - Raw Preset as well. It’s 225MB.

Here it is:



Awesome, those scanlines look thickk, ill be upgrading the mega bezel and your presets really soon. Thanks a lot Cyber.

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Did you watch the video? I think your Optima might love them!

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Just watched, looking great man! And DKC its one of the hardest games to make look good, good visuals without losing detail,really like it. I guess im going to start saving money for a 4k led and a new graphics card to enjot this to the fullest.


What graphics card do you have now? Chances are you may not need to upgrade as the next version of HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader is going to perform better. Even my old GTX 970 managed 4K (without the reflections) using the current version and I use a GTX 1070 currently at 4K with full reflections. I’m also certain that an AMD Radeon RX 480/580 can handle 4K without reflections as well.

Also, if you can afford it, it’s better to get an OLED TV than an LED TV. You’ll fall in love with the image quality, especially coming from a CRT. They’re also getting cheaper last time I checked.