Suggested Shader for SNES games with pre rendered graphics (e.g., DKC)

These games were a visual treat when they were released, but the style has aged pretty badly compared to SNES titles with conventional graphics (in my opinion) - especially at the higher resolutions of modern screens. Any suggested shaders to spice the look of these games up and maybe add some vibrancy to their muddy appearance?


CRT shaders work very well for these and are good at re-capturing the magic. Most of the smoothing shaders (e.g., hq2x) don’t handle it very well, but the super-xbr and nnedi3 shaders actually do quite well.


They will all look beautiful with this:

As well as this:

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IF you like crt style, there are many options to get some visual like this:

If you like naked visual, I suggest the new super-xbr to get this:


Sony Megatron looks like this…

Reference PVM photo (as in an actual Sony PVM CRT):


And for a consumer grade TV version:



I got decent results with CRT-easymode in DKC , you can see their faces from near and from far but it looks not so good with arcade games . What would you add to this one for better results ?