CyberLab Death To Pixels Shader Preset Packs

My display is le48m600m80, psx and psx composite, both drez and normal, the games are dino crisis, silent hill, earthworm jim 2, final fantasy 9, medievil, megaman legends, ape escape

i’ll try later sending images of what i actually see with my camera

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Can you give the full preset names if you can please. Just makes things easier to identify.

Okay, so I’m now seeing that this is a Haier TV. There could be all sorts of issues caused by the TV itself and the modes it supports, or the mode that it is in currently.

You want to ensure that the TV is not performing any stretching or upscaling of the image. Also your colour format should be RGB 4:4:4 Full. Anything else and you might have some problems.

CyberLab__PSX__ADV - DREZ.slangp CyberLab__PSX__ADV.slangp CyberLab__PSX_Composite__ADV- DREZ.slangp CyberLab__PSX_Composite__ADV.slangp

all of this from MBZ__0__Smooth-Advance_Full_Reflections

yes from 1080p

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Thanks, all from the 1080p_Optimized folder as well?

my color format is full rgb 4:4:4, i’ll set to standard mode the image

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You should probably be using whatever modes are optimized for PC usage and the least processing. So possibly Game Mode.

ok images coming from camera, i had to change the shutter speed as the artifacts on image wheren’t visible with the suggested shutter speed, this is final fantasy 9, ok the first one is with 1/60

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another with 1/60, if you need better images please tell me and i will see what i can do

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I think I’m seeing the low resolution and blockiness that you were describing.

I’ll check it out.

Ok more images directly from camera, i’ll update this with more samples from other games too

Thanks, not too many though. I still have to check the presets to see if I’m seeing any issues on my end.

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thank you, also i had noticed apparently blockyness on new images is more noticeable on dino crisis than with FFIX

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Okay, can you see if you can go in close on an area of white on the screen and focus on the phosphors please. So you can try and get one letter or part of a letter in a title screen in focus. I would like to see the actual phosphors in the Mask in a photo.

do you want me to get close to my screeen while there is game with the preset on a white area or do you want me to do that without the emulator?, here it is without the emulator, i can get even closer if you want,

I meant with the preset in one of the same games and emulators. You can try to capture a single letter or part of a letter in a title screen as an example. Be sure that the individual red, green and blue (or whatever colours you’re seeing) phosphor or subpixels are in focus. You really need to use 1/60 shutter speed for these pics.

These are the kinds of pics I’m talking about:

ok i’ll see if i can get any pictures similar to any of these

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Ok, i was able to capture it with macro camera, this is the farthest i can capture without distortion with my cellphone, maybe i could try another camera app but maybe aux camera will not work, i can also try with a better cellphone but that would have to wait till tomorrow

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Can you flip the Mask Layout to 0 then take the same pics as these last ones please?

I’m sorry but I can’t at the moment, I’ll take them in the morning, sorry for bothering too much with this

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to flip the mask layout is over the options that says between rgb and bgr? i gotta changed it to 0 right? this is with mask layout in 0

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