CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack and more!

You’re welcome @ynnad4 something doesn’t look quite right in that screenshot though. That blue border isn’t in my screenshots. Is it that you disabled Curvature in the preset or have some other setting in RetroArch not setup according to the HSM Mega Bezel setup instructions?

If so, the curvature I have set is extremely subtle and shouldn’t cause an issue. If you want things flat and to fill the screen properly without that blue border just let me know.

do you mean left right top down ? That’s Genesis plus gx borders. I sort of remember the original console had them but also BlastEm core have them set by default. Some videos out there prove that the console have them as well. It’s just a matter of taste though.

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i just forgot to mention: I think this is the first preset I intended to load/make it working and this presets project is a whole mess. Shaders linking from one file to another and multiple times between multiple folders, aside from the fact that are connected to the HSM Mega Bezel Reflection and SOQUEROEU TV Special Edition effects that only make things even more messy.

Be that as it may, it seems like there’re so many new several presets to play around with, I really appreciate your work put into this project buddy and I hope you get a ton of positive feedback about them.

I have a 12 years old system + this 1600x900 20" monitor so I can’t give any feedback about the: MBZ__1__Advance_Full_Reflections presets but at least with the MBZ__2 preset I could get some slowly loaded presets with a very promising appearence. I really hope at some point somebody can manage to mix my rainbow effect for composite-sega genesis within your Composite looking presets, that would be the ultimate perfect looking for Composite gameplays.

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I’m sorry for the issue. I’m just beginner level here. I didn’t know this whole project could be that extended in results.

I just took one of the screenshot examples from @Cyber to look up for a similar result with Composite looking for Genesis.

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Hi, nothing to apologize for! :grinning:

One of my goals for this project is for it to be easy for new people to start using existing presets. Then if they want to go down the rabbit hole of customization they can, but in general they shouldn’t have to.

One of the reasons for the back and forth is that I didn’t realize that Cyber’s 4k presets only worked at 4k, rather than just looking a bit better at 4K. This is because in general with the Mega Bezel you don’t need to worry much about what resolution the user is running it at, because I try to code it to adapt to the user’s setup as much as possible for ease of use. :grinning:

I think most or all of the presets from @soqueroeu, @Duimon, @TheNamec & the base Mega Bezel are set up to work at all resolutions, you can find links to their threads at the end of the first post of the Mega Bezel thread.


LuL just noticed you’re the author from HSM Mega Bezel reflection shader, really nice work ! This whole project may take me a very long time to realize how many features has within it.

I just got caught from the very first Mega Bezel presentation. Is there some specific shader/preset that has available those scanlines that can be seen along with the Mega Bezel logo ? I can’t see them present within the Composite presets from Cyber. Certainly I can’t remember the looking from CRT TVs I used to play with, but these you have seem pretty neat !

Would appreciate to know it.

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Yeah there are a bazillion parameters, for better or worse :upside_down_face:

Do you mean all the screen shots? Or one particular one? Most of the screenshots are using the standard guest-advanced settings that you get from the base presets you can see in the Mega_Bezel/Presets folder

no, just the very first animation for bezel screen uploaded there. The moment you see logo, you can see some scanlines like curved from center to each top/bottom edge. I’d like a lot to have them in the Composite presets.

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Ah, so that is a Moire artifact from running curvature and scanlines at a really low resolution.

this is the reference, though

curved scanlines

This isn’t entirely true @HyperspaceMadness. Firstly my preset pack has over 50 presets. The ones that we’ve all been used to which I have been developing over the past 6 months or so can work fine at any resolution you run them at, they will just look different. The 1440p Optimized ones may not have mask patterns and sizes that look well at 1080p or 4K.

If you’re running 1080p you can load any 4K_Optimized preset and it will work fine. It might just be a little softer than the same preset at 4K or the corresponding 1080p Optimized preset (which is why I made them in the first place).

You can load any 1080p preset at 4K resolution and it will look great. (It just may not have the same details at the finest level as the 4K_Optimized preset.)

When @soqueroeu wanted us to test his new V2 presets. I paused my preset development a bit in order to give his own a spin.

He also asked me to port my presets over to his.

I thought that the best way to go about this was to start from scratch and just use my vision and experience to come up with something. I did this and posted it to his thread.

I started using this preset personally and what I use is what I share. I’ve been tweaking the settings little by little as I notice things that I would like to improve.

I started off with the NES preset then eventually added presets for the consoles that I use. Since I use a 4K TV, this has all been taking place at 4K resolution.

When I decided to package this made sure to put them in a folder called 4K_Optimized because they were only designed and tested at 4K resolution. My aim was to eventually test and optimize presets for 1440p and 1080p resolutions at some point in the future.

@ynnad4’s experience may not really be representative of the vast majority of users because he is the first and only user so far out of hundreds if not thousands who has come to the fore trying to load one of these new presets (which I am still constantly working on by the way) at 900p.

Ah I stand corrected then, this is why I was surprised that it didn’t work when it wasn’t at 4k, because I thought it was as you just said that they will run fine but just look a little different

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I think this might be a good time for you to take my preset pack for a spin and see exactly what the hullabaloo is about you know especially as things have been constantly updated and coming along nicely. My main theme (or gimmick depending on who you talk to) is that I try to have the RGB phosphor triads visible if you go close enough to the screen. Optimum viewing distance is not too close to the screen though.

I intend to eventually have copies of everyone in the Mega_Bezel_Community’s work in my Mega_Bezel_Community folder to at least give everyone’s work a view and a try. At the moment I’m still on @soqueroeu’s and I’m loving it!

Make sure you run my new customized Blargg Video Filters if testing PCE or Genesis and I recommended you set your NES Emulator to use either Blargg’s S-Video or RGB video filter for a nice effect.

Yup, I have tried them out, I’m glad people are enjoying them

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So am I but first and foremost, I’m enjoying them. That’s why I do this in the first place. I then share what I like and use with the world so whoever else likes it as well can partake and enjoy.

Thanks for giving us all this opportunity!


curved scanlines

@Cyber is that effect present in some of your presets ? would love to see it way more often

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If I see that in any of my presets, I would spare no effort to get rid of it. If you want to create moire then you can probably reverse all moire mitigation techniques I suppose.


Easiest way to usually accomplish that (if you’re already happy with the curvature amount) would be increasing the mask and scanline strength.


For posterity here’s some Punisher gameplay footage from an actual JAMMA PCB on what I assume is an actual Authentic Capcom Cabinet(there seems to be some underscan going on though)

Notice how there’s zero scanlines, zero pixelation… just a smooth picture and there’s this depth to everything in the image(not even talking about the bubble screen). The character sprites have this depth, the phone booth has this depth to it etc. Everything looks so smooth, almost like an animated film or something. I wonder when we’ll ever see shaders replicate this. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the kind of image devs were going for at the time. I guess the only way to replicate it would be to replicate the actual look of the CRTs Capcom and other devs were using at the time which would comprise of a low TVL + Coarse Dot Pitch + probably a ton of blooming from overdriving them to look as bright as possible.

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I’ve never seen anyone ask to increase the moire… first time for everything I guess.