CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack

Why don’t you like RGBX? I think it looks very good if you can get it bright enough.

That would probably help, for sure. At least in the vertical direction.

have you tried 1.00/1.00 gamma with blend mode 2 in guest-dr-venom? It’s hard getting it bright enough, but it looks good sharpness-wise if you want to completely blend dithering. If you don’t care about dithering than type 1 with increased ntsc resolution does the trick. Curious to see if Blargg’s filters can be made to look less harsh.


If by harsh you mean less blurry, they most certainly can. You need to lower the resolution of the Blargg SNES Filter to a certain threshold in order to blend the Sonic The Hedgehog waterfalls. This softens the image. You can reduce this considerably by feeding the Blargg filter a sharpened input from the shader.

Maxing out Horizontal Sharpness and Subtractive Sharpness will still leave things slightly soft.

Simple Sharpness however, can get you the rest of the way.

The sharpness settings, even when maxed out don’t seem to destroy the blended dithering that Blargg’s filter applies.

At size 1 the colours seem a bit messed up on my display and it’s very hard to see the individual RGB triads, when they’re so fine. At size 2, the Black phosphor seemed wrong to me and things appeared even more grid like than mask 6 size 2.

Not yet, is this the same as CRT Gamma In/Out in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader?

I haven’t really explored and exploited the full potential of the Blargg NTSC filters as yet and I really like the fact that they’re CPU based because the CPU tends to be underutilized and I’m thinking that it might allow people with weaker GPUs to be able to enjoy the best of Scanlines, Masks, Reflective Bezels as well as NTSC effects.

I’ve only briefly dabbled in GDV-NTSC using your modified Sony Megatron Preset. Maybe when I’m finished playing with the Blargg video filters I’ll give it a try but Blargg does a few things all at once, including contrast adjustment.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anything can be done to reduce the harshness of the artifacts and fringing in the core based Blargg filters so Composite is basically unusable for me in any emulator I’ve tried so far.

I start at S-Video with the built-in filters.

I’m almost ready to release my first set of sharpened shader presets designed to work exclusively with Blargg NTSC video filters. Just have to bring all the settings together and package everything in an organized manner.

I think this might be a good time to cull my old RGB-SHARP and RGB-Smooth presets from my package as I don’t use them.


Yeah at 4K size 1 would be equivalent to 540 TVL or using mask 0 or 6 at 1080p. At size 2 you’re also doubling the size of the black lines between triads which will make it look too grid-like. I think RRGGBBX was recently added as an option though.

I’m not totally sure but I think that’s grade’s gamma?


RRGGBBX looks really nice; mask size 1 @ 4K.


RRGGBBX will probably get around your chroma subsampling issue as each phosphor is represented by two pixels. RGBX won’t work with 4:2:0 subsampling as I’ve described and is probably why you don’t like it (understandbly).


Note: To use the following new Console Specific Presets, please follow the steps below to load the corresponding Blargg Video Filters.

The other Console (or Game) Specific Presets will look fine (and as intended) without any additional video filters.


Quick Menu-->Options-->Video-->Blargg NTSC Filter - S-Video


(Blending and Transparency, No Rainbow Effect, No Shimmering Artifacts)

Quick Menu-->Options-->Video-->Blargg NTSC Filter - OFF

Settings-->Video-->Video Filter-->Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

Quick Menu-->Overrides-->Save Core Override


(Blending and Transparency, Rainbow Effect, Shimmering Artifacts)

Quick Menu-->Options-->Video-->Blargg NTSC Filter - Composite


Settings-->Video-->Video Filter-->Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_PSX_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

Quick Menu-->Overrides-->Save Core Override


Settings-->Video-->Video Filter-->Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_PSX_S-Video_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

Quick Menu-->Overrides-->Save Core Override

For additional information on how to load Video Filters in RetroArch, you can take a look at the guide below:

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Note: If using my presets it’s important to set the Mask Layout correctly to match your screen’s subpixel layout. I suggest users flip the Mask Layout option and see which one looks better as a first step in using the presets. Usually an incorrect Mask Layout would have the image looking a bit washed out compared to the correct one.

Another way to tell is by looking closely at the screen. If you see RGB or BGR “phosphors” over a white are of the screen, then your Mask Layout should be correct. If you see Green/Magenta then you might need to toggle the Mask Layout setting in either the Shader Parameters or in the Presets themselves.

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Hey @Cyber, it’s been a while since I played with shaders, I tried the latest version of your pack and I love it! Just wanted to show a comparison between of one my old screenshots of Alundra that is in your first post, and a new one that uses your gorgeous CyberLab__RGB-Smooth__1440p__PVM-Edition__ADV.slangp shader !

The old screenshot:

The new one:

Look at how the image is crispier, really awesome!

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Wow! I hadn’t even noticed! I’m glad you’re still having a great experience using my presets. Don’t hesitate to try the new ones. You can poke around in the Console Specific Presets subfolders in both the 4K_Optimized and 1080p_Optimized folders, they might actually work for 1440p but you might have to adjust the mask type and mask size. Definitely try the Composite Sharp, Arcade Sharp and Composite Pure Presets at least once!

Thanks for the positive feedback!


Screenshot courtesy @Tromzy


Hey Cyber, thanks for making these outstanding shaders. Honestly this is some straight up nostalgia crack that I have been hooked on since January and I am loving it!

Here’s my question/problem RGB-Sharp_1080p was the one I was using until this update. Now it seems like the colors are a bit more saturated than before and a bit darker all around. I tried the new Composite-Sharp_1080p and was blown away by it. My only issue is that is seems a little on the light side/washed out, hard to see details on lighter colors. I messed with the RGB/BGR but that didn’t help me. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a way to tweak it so I get something that’s like a combo of the two?



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Thanks a lot for the positive feedback @TimeFrog. I’m glad you’re enjoying them much as I am myself!

This is exactly the reason why I share!

Most updates will change the appearance of the presets and many times it’s subjective as to what looks better so if you like what you’re using you can continue using it. Don’t feel as if you have to have the latest and newest in order to have the best experience.

Sometimes I might update to address certain issues that I’m seeing or to address some compatibility or settings change in the shader itself. Have you also updated your HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader? Other times due to changes in the behaviour of the shader itself, some differences might be unavoidable.

Another thing to note is that these presets are all works in progress so sometimes I might start off in a new direction that would ultimately elevate things to another level but it might take a few revisions with some possible slight regressions along the journey in some areas in order to get there.

It’s a huge balancing act.

I’ll have to double check if I did anything that would have affected this preset as its one of my older and more “stable” presets when it comes to development.

I’ll take a look at this as well. I don’t usually add stuff that would make things more washed out. If anything things might have gotten slightly darker because I reduced the Gamma a bit on several of my presets to improve the appearance of the RGB “phosphor” triads if you go close to the screen.

Getting things less washed out/darker can be as simple as adjusting the CRT Gamma In and CRT Gamma Out, Gamma C, lowering Post CRT Brightness, increasing Saturation or disabling Halation.

You can try setting CRT Gamma In and CRT Gamma Out to 1.35.

I see you’re playing a SNES game there. Have you looked in the new Console Specific Presets folder yet? Who knows, perhaps the solution lies right there.

I have a brand new preset called CyberLab SNES. Try it and see. If anything use that as your base for further tweaking and read up on some of the new techniques of incorporating Video Filters as well.

Those new presets are what I use myself these days.

Be sure to redownload my preset pack and update your HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader. Delete the old one first.

Or, by the way, I just remembered. My RGB_Sharp preset had been renamed to RGB-Smooth several updates ago. The new RGB-Sharp will be slightly different.

Lastly, it’s a bit difficult to tell what’s going on in the screenshots. You might have to disable Deconvergence Noise before capturing stills as that’s a temporal effect. I would also recommend using imgbb for something like this so that the full quality of the screenshot can be preserved. If the same can be done using imgur, then I’d be happy to be enlightened.

So after you redownload and update try CyberLab SNES and all the other Console Specific Presets with their corresponding systems. Be sure to give the Video Filter Presets a try along with my tweaked Video Filter settings as well. You can open those presets in Notepad to see how to use them or read the steps here or in the first post:

You have to load full resolution then, zoom in or view these screenshots fullscreen for them to look right.

CyberLab SNES (MDAPT Off)

CyberLab SNES

CyberLab SNES

CyberLab SNES (MDAPT Off)


What mask are you using now?

Also can you explain these console-specific presets? What is specific to each console?

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Same old Mask 6 from however long.

It’s just a way of saying these are the settings I use for those consoles or games.

Rather than be verbal, I invite and encourage users to be visual and try the presets first as suggested or even not if they feel like and use the ones they like best.

I’m not trying to be an authority on what an SNES preset, NES or Sega Genesis preset should look like or entail.

It’s more creativity than science and I want users to just pick which ones look and feel best to them.

There are some technical reasons behind the scenes however, I can delve a bit more into those a bit later.


Mask 6 is looking pretty good in the zoomed in screenshot there but for it to work with the display subpixels properly you’d have to use 1080p and reverse the subpixel order (otherwise it turns into magenta-green stripes). Still curious what you would do with the RRGGBBX mask.

Oh ok I was just wondering if the console-specific presets were based on anything empirical or if it’s just a “feels right” kind of thing. All good.

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Appreciate you getting back to me. I made sure everything was updated before posting, I know that’s an important step. I tried the SNES preset of yours but I found that one to be very dark compared to the other presets. I apologize about the links I sent. I had the screenshots backwards. The first link was suppose to be Composite Sharp and the second link was suppose to be RGB sharp. Thank you for the imgbb idea as well. When using imgur I usually open the image in a new window and click on the image to go to original quality it was uploaded at.

Here are the links again using imgbb



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Here’s what the SNES preset looks like on my end.

CyberLab SNES preset:

I’ll try out the tweaks you suggested and get back to you on my findings. You are an awesome person, really appreciate the work.

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Okay, I reviewed my settings to ensure that there weren’t any unintended changes there and there were none.

What you can do is start with CyberLab SNES Sharp or CyberLab SNES, reset the CRT Gamma In and CRT Gamma Out to defaults by pressing Start on your controller. Default is 2.4 for both. Then lower the Post CRT Brightness to 2.00.

If that’s too dark for you you can try 2.2 or 2.4 for the Post CRT Brightness.

OK so I used CyberLab SNES reset the gamma to default on both and then messed with the CRT brightness. I found 2.00 to be on the darker sider, tried 2.2 and 2.4 but it still felt a bit dark. I went to 3 and to 5 and here are the results. Please remember to open them up in a new tab to zoom in or else to get that weird rainbow noise across the screenshots.

CRT brightness 3:

CRT brightness 5:

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Whatever works for you is fine. I have a feeling your screen might be setup a bit on the darker side. The backlight on the main screen I use for testing and development is set to 100%.

What are your backlight settings like?

Those last 2 pics you shared were at 1440p. I didn’t realize you were using that resolution. I thought you were using 1080p.