Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

removed gets my vote for sure, it looks like a mistake in the art.

It is there, but I am using a screen blending mode on the stroke, so it disappears. I have an Idea that may bring it back and make it pop a little.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well. Apparently even though I moved the convert.exe to the batch folder, ImageMagick still needs to be installed on the system. I will update the readme. I should probably update the batch scripts to use the default path in case someone already has IM installed and it is incompatible

That is a problem with the core you are using, try a different core. If you must, I think you could batch flip everything using xnconvert form the xnview software.

edit: scripts, readme, and repo have been updated.

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Nothing could be done about the shading at the bottom, since it was at the very edge it just had the effect of cropping the art by one or two pixels. I agree that the image needed balancing so, even though it makes no sense from a “reality” perspective, I just did some shading and mirrored the top line.

I tend to think “para-metrically” when I design, and I need to remind myself that these aren’t 3D models, they are representations.

Here we are.

As an alternative solution, (One I think I prefer) I have removed the top line.

If I am approaching anything like a “signature style” I think it may be my use of these highlights for beveling. It gives realism but not too much depth. I think enough remain in this graphic to retain my style.

edit: I am committing to the last edit. I think I will leave the other objects in the source project file in case someone wants to have fun with them later. :upside_down_face:

Thanks again for the feedback!


i feel like a real pita lol. none of the imagemagick packs i have installed have a convert.exe :frowning:

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i like the border TV in silver you have in png? wihout image

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I have updated repo, it now includes both the EXE and the needed DLL file. Let me know if it works.

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That is good then. :grin: It is the default bezel generated by the HSM Shader

using simply a 70% brightness color value.

nah still no luck :frowning: even though the .dll is in the folder it says it cant find it. ps, if i press ok on the error it says it cant find another .dll, keeps doing it again after that countless times, so i guess there is more than the one .dll it needs

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Don’t give up just yet. I updated again. Make sure to download all the files because some scripts have changed. I also included an ImageMagick installer that should solve your issues.

Thanks for testing this, together I am sure we can work the bugs out. :grin:


no probs. hopefully im of some help :slight_smile:


success :slight_smile:

you guys are freaking awesome… im in love with this


Here’s a fun one!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nintendo Wii…

Normally the goal is to maximize screen usage. As I have said before, I think that the beauty of this shader is worth the loss of some screen real estate!!

I wasn’t entirely committed during the mock-up stage, until I removed the frame. I just love this look!!


Looks really good without the frame, really feels like it’s cut into the front.

Great graphics as always, clean and simple with those little bevels that make it feel dimensional :slight_smile:


Gamecube has been updated. I tweaked the bevel highlights a bit. (They were bugging me. :blush:)


This uses Vulkan? Are they presets? Just load and run?


Yes Vulkan. No not presets. But, they are set to use the default bezel size. Just need to save a preset then edit the slang and point to the image. (Make sure to use full screen BGIMAGE scaling.) If you want it to look the same, I did some tweaking to the screen edge sharpness and such but compensated for the change in screen size using Non-integer scale %. My Gamecube screenshot uses 70% brightness on the bezel color. Of course you can use any color you want. :grin:

Once the shader hits the repo I plan to release presets. :wink:

If there is enough interest I would be willing to release presets now and update them as the shader updates.


Thank you! These shaders look amazing! I’m putting it out there. If anyone wants to add these reflect shaders to my realistic arcade bezels you’re welcome to it. I give permission. I just ask for credit for me and the others involved if you’re gonna post it for download or make a video.

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You took what I did with my console bezels and took it to another level. I’m proud of you. Well done!



I have a sorta personal request, would it be possible to do a version of the bezels without a logo on them?

Like the GameCube for example, both sides of it have a Nintendo GameCube logo placed on them and I’d personally much prefer they weren’t there. (It just feels cluttered and out of place to me.) I have the same complaint with the Saturn and PlayStation bezel, again this is just me being nitpicky about things.

I sincerely hope you don’t take this personally, as I think everything looks amazing, this is entirely a preference thing on my part.

Also that Wii bezel is amazing, have zero complaints about it. Also no complaints about the Genesis really.

Really, this is some awesome work that you should be very proud of.

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Sounds like a perfectly reasonable request. :wink: Should have thought of it myself!

It is done!

Folder structure of both the HSM Graphics repo & the RA Overlay repo have changed.

Source files remain unchanged.

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