Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

While this issue is far from being brought to a close, I have decided to not give it the power to stop me from contributing to the community.

I spent a large part of yesterday digging out a rather huge stump. that used to be a dead tree in my garden.

It was very therapeutic. :grin:

I am going to modify my overlay repo, and add in another for Batocera decorations, to make them both more accessible and visible.

I will be spending a great deal of time on them, giving consideration to various use case scenarios.

In the case of the standard overlays I will be including CFG files to handle the custom aspect when one is needed. It is my goal to make them as drop-in ready as possible. (I will probably put the graphics in the config folder to make determining paths easier.)

The decorations use a proprietary method, and will be handled differently.

In addition to this I am thinking about signing my work, in an as yet to be determined, subtle manner. (And embedding it into my vector code using available methods.)

I appreciate any thoughts you may have about this last bit. The most tragic part of this is how it has made me rethink my mission. That damage cannot be undone. :frowning_face:


I can confirm how this can be very satisfying and therapeutic! I’ve done it a time or two, along with just whacking down an old tree.

I’m glad to hear you are not gonna let this stop your brilliant work. I fully support you doing whatever you need to do to protect it , and in turn, your enjoyment that you have derived from creating these works of art.


Looking forward, I think I will do some Rocketlauncher bezels for stand-alone emulators.

There are a few emulators it supports that are supported by neither MAME or Retroarch. (I will have to do some R&D to get a list.) Although it makes no sense to add bezels for systems that are better supported by those platforms.

Some of them will just be duplicates (Like the FM-Towns.) with just the naming format and coordinate system changed.

I currently only have one example in my Rocketlauncher folder.

Looking at my “Misc-Overlays-Borders-Bezels” repo, I will probably eliminate it and create separate repos for everything. I have committed, in various forums, to convert my MAME graphics to MAME layouts.

In the long run I think it will benefit the community.


So I am going through all my source. I have made a few changes since I last updated the repo, along with new source for Basic/Potato stuff.

I also had a HDD hick-up a while back and need to replace some PSDs from my online repo.

So far today I have redone the Pokemon Mini so that it only uses three layers as opposed to five, and noticed that the Wii power LED has been missing in night mode forever. :innocent:

Just in case you all mistake this for actual productivity, :grin: I am just preparing to backup everything to an external drive, just in case something goes wrong with my huge and awesome computer upgrade. :partying_face:

In addition to the parts for my everyday box upgrade, I received my new 4U rackmount case, that will replace my full depth, way to heavy, 2U server case. I like it so much I ordered a second for my new server addition.

In addition to hosting a NextPVR server backend, I am thinking about using the second server as a part time, remote Linux workstation. Does anyone by chance know if the newer consumer Nvidia GPUs support hardware accelerated X11 forwarding? I have a pair of older Quadros but I’d like something newer.

I hope everyone is having a much fun as I am. :grin:


Turns out that an older Tesla K80 headless server GPU will do OpenGL acceleration using VNC, although it may require an OS with a Desktop environment installed and running.

Sounds like a fun R&D adventure. I can pick one up for under $300.


My work is not open source at all. You’re openly violating my license as you give no attribution at all, did not include links to my license and did not enlist the ‘changes’ you made.

I never gave you the permission to use my original designs for Amiga500, Amiga600, Amiga1200, AmigaCD32, C64 and VIC20 from my TheNamec Mega Bezel Commodore Pack. After a quick check I found sort of modified versions of my assets in batocera-linux/batocera-bezel github repository, you ripped away watermarks and did a very questionable editing work.

You are even credited in the commits “[V31 media from Discord (#artwork mostly from Mikael42)]”, this is an unbearable predatory attitude and I hope the rest of people behind Batocera project doesn’t share this way of doing.

“Artworks”? I’d call these “half-baked photoshop edits” from my professional quality vector designs, and I literally poured months of work on these. I can say my assets are ‘professional quality artworks’ as I’m a graphic artist IRL, and I’ve been contributing to Libretro since the last year. Ah yes, you ripped away the Retroarch logos from my assets, you already knew it.

Worst of it all, you ripped Commodore 64 and VIC20 graphics from my own promotional material. You even cut away the footer copyright banner, so you knew the source. These are still unreleased as they were still in production when you decided to go shopping from my thread (or from Google?), so Batocera is distributing modified versions of my works BEFORE I do, and I’m the legit author.

Sorry man, you did it wrong AND bad at the same time. You don’t know what community means. I will not waste any more time as, from your answers, it’s clear you have no interest in admitting your fault.

We, as the community behind the Mega Bezel Reflection Shader custom assets, will try to estabilish a collaboration with Batocera in the common interest to keep the high quality of our work while keeping the righs as authors.

You say you’re not making money on it? Sure, but you’re taking donations from our work without even saying “Hey guys, thanks”. Since when “no money” is an excuse to misbehave?


Hi there. I’m coming to this thread as @TheNamec flagged this issue on Reddit and I want to try and resolve any ambiguity as much as I can, as I’ve been quite involved with the Batocera project over the past few years.

From what I can tell, Mikael42 asked and got permission to use @Duimon’s work for Batocera. Mikael42 credited and praised Duimon for his work on the Batocera Discord server many times. Here’s one example amongst others

Should @Duimon have been credited in the changelog? Yes, certainly, I’m really sorry this hasn’t been done, and I understand the frustration. I can assure you this wasn’t done on purpose, and we have the habit to credit original authors as much as we can. Your work is fantastic and deserve all the due recognition n, @Duimon. How can we fix that?

@TheNamec’s message seems to imply there has been non-open source work that has been used. I can’t fully understand what part of @TheNamec’s work has been used and how the Batocera bezels are violating CC BY-NC-SA 4.0? And how is that a license that is “not open source at all”. Please give me specifics, I’m happy to dig into this.

The Batocera community absolutely loves the libretro project, contributes to it, and if there is anything we can make to collaborate more closely, please let me know and tag me (I just registered to write this message, I’m not a regular :slightly_smiling_face:). Thank you!

And sorry for not tagging Mikael42, but as a new user, there is a limit on the number of tags I’m allowed to use in a message on this forum.


I have been holding off commenting on this, but it needs to said.

He did NOT ask for permission… he asked if it was “possible”. That is by no stretch of the imagination the same thing.

There is no way to spin his silent harvesting of my work in various projects as honorable.


I am done going through my source with a fine tooth comb. It all seems to be in order.

I will be updating the “Duimon-Mega-Bezel-Source” and “Duimon-Mega-Bezel” repos with the next shader release.

Now it is time to start backing things up for my PC upgrade.


Well, based on Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates you told @mikael42:

In any case, all my graphics are open source. You may use them, and the source, in any way you see fit. :grin:

That sounded quite enthusiastic at the time. I’m not sure what is the difference you now make between “possible” and “permission”, seen from my external eye, honestly. Did you change your mind after this conversation back in May? Or maybe you don’t like what he made with your graphics?

Anyways, tell me what you want precisely: do you want to be credited? Do you want Batocera to replace the bezels that have some of your elements by other bezels? Do you want Batocera to ship your original bezels from your repo and not some others based off your work that you feel are bastardizing it? Something else? Let me know.

I already expressed my views in my previous message. I’m here to find a solution, so let’s get straight to the facts, thank you.


Thank you for your response. We are working on a proposal and will be in touch.


I think it’s pretty simple. The licence must be honored. Quick googling about CC and images reveals that the author must be credited. I guess it requires a special permission from the author for someone to use the works without giving credits.

Otherwise a situation might happen where the guy who is using stuff is credited by other users, which is not uncommon.


Hello @Duimon

I’m completely new to Retroarch and installed it like two days ago. I’m glad I was introduced to HSM’s shaders and the Death to Pixels presets by @Cyber. Then from there I discovered your page and the cool overlays that you have made. I;m realyl interested in using your overlays and wanted to know what’s the easiest way to use them in conjunction with he Death to Pixels presets?



It will take some editing on your end. You will need to change the reference shader in my presets to reference the Death to Pixels preset. SInce it is in the root shader folder you can use the :/ syntax for the RA root so (:/shaders/NameOfDeathToPixels.slangp)

Also keep in mind you need to use the presets designed for the base shader he is referencing, either ADV or STD.

On some systems it may be more complicated (i.e. LCD screens where I am using hidden fake sanlines.) but on most it should be pretty easy.


OK then.

My computer is going under the knife as of five minutes from now.

The surgery will take at least most of today.

Wish us luck. :grin:



I wanted to mention that the shader may be updated in the coming weeks. My presets, and probably @Cyber’s also, will undergo some changes.

You may want to hold off on any large scale conversions until the after the update, although getting a few to work now to get some practice, would be beneficial when the time comes.


Good luck on your build! I’ve been procrastinating a migration of an Intel Chipset RAID 0 array to an AMD Chipset RAID 0 array for the longest while and my OLED TV decided it wasn’t going to work on Saturday morning so I have to fix that as well.


I wanted to try out your PDP-1 overlay for spacewar - somehow i am not able to get the game centert within the bezel. retroarch 1.9.12 , mame current. pulling my hair over here :smile: need help :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it now requires a new version of the shader. Be patient and all will be well.


oh i see … 1.9.13 seems to take away all the shaders

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