Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

Yes!! That one. I use the optical swtiches.

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How does it feel compared to a Sanwa stick?

I have a sanwa joystick. I like the sanwa, but the actuation distance on the 2nd impact is shorter and is good for some movements. Besides it you need to get used to the silence. Since this one optical there is no click sound to confirm a movement. I’ve never tried the one that use keyboard switches. From the instalation perspective it have the same profile and dimension of the sanwa.

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Oops!! The MarkIII had a Nintendo marquee. :blush:


Theses overlays makes me think about a new cabinet


There is a lot going on with vertical cabinets! For example…

Universal 4K Vertical Overlay Project.

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Here’s this.

First stab at the vertical NDS. :grin:

Setup is a little tedious, but I think I like the result!

Along the way I made some changes to the normal graphic.

I believe they are ready for release. :grin:


I started my OCD pass on my NDS 4K Vertical and was not as happy with it as I initially was. I made a ton of changes and went through the motions to get it running properly.

I think it looks great, and is very fun to play on a rotated monitor!


Nice! I like the changes and the final result looks great!

World’s Biggest DS!!!


Yeah. I’m thinking there would be nothing wrong with building a 24" touch screen vertical setup just for the DS & 3DS! :grin: (Don’t tell my lovely wife.)


I felt like doing something a bit easier.

SEGA SG-1000!

I hope it’s not too simple. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am afraid it may not survive an OCD pass. :wink:


Well… It survived mostly intact after all. I changed the vents a bit, the shading on the slanted sides, and made a subtle alteration to the bottom half color. (There seemed to be an optical illusion about up and down, I’m hoping the color change eliminates it.:upside_down_face:)

I also found at least one image source that shows an alternate color scheme. I will include it as an alternate.


Seems I spoke too soon. :innocent:

I made quite a few changes to the top of the console and resized the vents to a more realistic ratio along the way. (It will never be totally accurate because of the elongated bottom half to fill in space. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I also combined the normal and alternate sources. :grin:

edit: I forgot to change the bezel color for this shot. :grimacing:


What color do you think goes well with the background?

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I used blue in a previous screenshot.

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Here’s a new WIP.



I made my OCD pass!

Most changes were under the hood, renaming/reorganizing groups and layers to make wading through the source easier.

I did change all the whites in my gray-scale gradients to an off-white that is closer to the overall palette of the graphic. Things were also intentionally asymmetric. I changed that. (I changed my mind. :wink:) I also made some miscellaneous changes to other gradients. (Rotation, transparency, etc.) And fixed a couple of things that were broken. :astonished:

BTW… I would like to thank my “Art Director :wink: ” for helping me choose a starting point for this graphic.


Hey all, I have something to show you!

First of all. I have stated quite unabashedly that I was rusty at vector graphics when I started this and that at some point, (After I was done.) I would probably go back to the beginning and improve some of my earliest graphics.

For reasons that will be revealed, I went ahead and did a serious OCD pass on my SEGA Genesis graphic.

I completely redid the vents, tweaked some of the control panel elements, overhauled the cartridge slot, darkened the reflective surfaces and added subtle reflections, then added grain to everything that needed texture. I also combine some separate objects into complex paths, used some clipping masks, and generally tried to take advantage of some of the things I’ve re-learned since this began.

I didn’t do this because I was bored. :wink: I had plans and wanted it to measure up.


Based on this image.

(Which shows that not everyone bought a second Genesis to pair with a CD. :astonished:)

I plugged a SEGACD into my Genesis!

Then I unplugged it and…

…plugged a 32X into it!

Then, (Just to be totally cool. :slightly_smiling_face:)

I plugged them both in! :grin:

I am pretty close to happy with them. I have some complaints on the 32X but most of what I’m not 100% pleased with is hidden.

These were crazy. With more than 100 layers and dozens of raster effects, these brought my PC to it’s knees. In the end I had to develop the graphics separately, export them, and layer them in Photoshop. :blush:

What do you think?

It will be a bit before these are in the repo. I have some tweaking to do, (I just notice a couple things about the Genesis that aren’t right.) and I need to do the Megadrive alternates, but things have been quiet around here and I wanted to show some progress. :grin:


That shit is :100::fire:!

That’s personally how I experienced both the 32x and the Sega CD.


Good idea. Looks great.

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