Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

That’s the idea. We have found a few bugs, and @HyperspaceMadness has fixed them. There are a few more so…

The RC1 is serving it’s purpose quite well!:partying_face:


What in the world is RC1? :confused:

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What a magnificent achievement. What a great community. Bloody well done, my friends.


RC1 = Release Candidate 1.0

It’s a tentatively final test version of software before it’s considered stable enough for a version 1.0 release to the general public.


I know what alpha and beta is. I didn’t know that there was a special term for 1.0 software, well at least the part right before 1.0 release.

@Duimon is there possible alternatives to PS2 and Dreamcast, other than the one there is? The PS2 being silver or blue, Japanese version. The Dreamcast also having the American and Japanese colors, orange and red. Just thinking of possible alternatives.

Edit: Should have specified if you are possibly doing alternatives to PS2 and Dreamcast in colors and not specifically design.

Just thought of editing one together real quick to see what it would look like.

Edit: Fixed the Coloring.


The Dreamcast would be easy work. :grin:

For the PS2, it would take a lot of work to create an alternate. I am not unwilling, but I won’t make either a priority. Getting the last 12 system graphics done will happen first.


Sounds good to me. Its all up to you since it’s your Graphics pack.

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Found a problem with Sega Dreamcast Alt shader. Change [Top Extra Layer] Blend to 0 or 2.


It should be using additive blending. Thanks, I’ll take a look and fix it.


Not only was it using the wrong blending mode, but it was inheriting the wrong scale. It should have also only been showing in the night presets. :hushed:

Thanks again for the heads up. :grin:

Fixed and updated.


Your welcome. If I find anything else I will let you know.

Forgot to ask if one of those systems is the Capcom Play System?

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I would do the Dreamcast in the other colors myself but I just can’t get Orange correctly in double bezel.

Edit: Nevermind.

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Have you seen these yet?


Yeah I did see them. I just wanting to know if he was going to do shaders for it, if not than I would definitely use @Orionsangel’s Arcade overlays.


Just mean if he is going to do a shader that is for Capcom Play System instead of each individual game.

Arcade artwork, besides my existing MAME, FB-Neo, and Arcade graphics, is outside the scope of my project.

My goal is to do a graphic for every core in RA. (With a healthy addition of MAME Software List graphics to fill in some holes.)

The remaining items on my list…

  • Amiga 1000
  • Amiga 2000
  • Amiga 4000T

  • MegaDuck
  • Apple 2e
  • Apple 2 GS
  • Casio PV-1000
  • Emerson Arcadia 2001
  • Entex Adventure Vision
  • Epoch Super Cassette vision
  • Gamepark GP32
  • Hartung Gamemaster
  • Watara Supervision
  • Fujitsu FM-7
  • Tandy CoCo 3
  • KenSingTon Vii

My current Batocera project will probably expand the list to include some systems not yet supported by RA, but they will be tacked on at the end.

My plan is to tackle the FM-7 first, just because it looks so fun!

It is very likely that I will not do the remaining Amiga. @TheNamec’s stellar pack covers the all the bases and more. (At the very least they will be put off until the rest are done.)

In the past weeks, a great deal of my time has been spent on editing presets to comply with the RC1 of the shader. Additional work remains that relies on bug fixes by the shader wizard @HyperspaceMadness. :grin:


Looks like you have a decent amount of work left to do. Most of those I never even heard of. I will just use Orion’s overlays with the Capcom Play System instead. I am almost done with the two variations of colors of Dreamcast and want to know if you would like me to send the files to you when I am done?

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Made a quick variety image.