Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

I have plans to do C64, C128 and VIC20 eventually. I moved them to the bottom of my list because @TheNamec was working on some very impressive graphics. I am hoping he will make them available to the community. :wink:

I would be happy to host them in one of my repos if it comes to pass. :grin:


I have a full VIC20, C64 and Amiga “HSM Commodore Pack” with some cool variations ready to go!

I’m just waiting for the new RetroArch release to the public as I used new advanced shaders features developed by the almighty @HyperspaceMadness. I hope it to be out soon so I can deliver my bezels to fellows Commodore gamers :man_mechanic:

Update: check it out on TheNamec - Mega Bezel COMMODORE Pack - Announcement


Hey everyone!!

I have a couple of side projects that I have been working on. Namely an ODROID XU4 running Batocera.

I have all my RA overlays installed, but I am a little disappointed with the bezel. It has always seemed too reflective, and the colored ones, too saturated.

While I was assisting @HyperspaceMadness with the frame gradient, I did some work on my original bezel, allowing me to export it as a layered PSD that I have a lot of control over. In the end it will be much easier for everyone to work with the source.

Here are some screens for a little feedback…

SNES old.

SNES new.

Genesis old.

Genesis new.

2600 old.

2600 new.

I am also working on an OGST case theme. Here’s the SNES graphic.


I also plan on doing an EmulationStation theme that mimics my favorite Kodi theme, Aeon MQ7. (Of course I need to learn how first. :innocent:)

Fun stuff! :partying_face:


Doh! Now that I look at them, my corner highlights are inside out. :astonished:

I’ll have to change that. :grin:



There have been 300 unique IP clicks on my GitHub link. :partying_face:

I hope everyone who clicked is using them and happy. :grin:


Here’s a new WIP!

SEGA Naomi!

I moved the giant top lights off screen to help maximize screen real-estate. (It was also VERY distracting! :frowning_face:) You could squeeze out a bit more by scaling.


Thank you!! I was thinking about to do something similar, but you killed it.


Thank you. I am working off the result of a 3D rendering I have. Now that I look at the pics of some real cabinets, I can see that the model was flawed. :frowning_face:

In the end I think I made it harder on myself and should have worked from photos.

Expect a few changes during my OCD pass. :innocent:


After an OCD pass.

Much has changed, it resembles a factory cab pretty well now. :grin:

I didn’t like how it looked when I left it as white as the real thing. :frowning_face: I may do a highly saturated version as an Alternate for the next release of the shader, so users can do an HSV adjustment and make the body any color they want. :grin:


That vector cabinet looks awesome, great work.

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A vertical version im pretty sure will kick ass :grin:

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It’s a “Universal Cabinet”. I’m pretty sure they just installed a vertical monitor in the same setup. So you can rotate to your heart’s content.



Here’s a colored Naomi.

Don’t let the bright yellow deter you! (Although I will probably change it to a bit more Amber. :wink:)

Here’s the point…

We can change the color using parameters! :grin:


How can I create a copy without changing my original shader?

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There is rudimentary guide on my GitHub. Essentially you have to manually edit the *.slangp and add the new graphic as a background. Then make position and/or bezel color adjustments etc. in the shader parameters.

I am holding off doing any updates until the new shader is released, so I don’t have to do everything all over again.

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I’m having an evolution around here

But night mode is something I tried and I couldn’t

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@Oconner It looks like you are usng one of my Hybrid graphics and turning the frame opacity to 0%.

Using the bezel color parameters…

  1. [BEZEL & FRAME COLOR] Color Hue
  2. [BEZEL & FRAME COLOR] Color Saturation
  3. [BEZEL & FRAME COLOR] Color Value/Brightness - Def 10

You can change the color of the generated bezel & frame.

For the SNES…

  1. 257.00
  2. 62.00
  3. 59.80 Also, I tend to turn off the background vignette when I am using a detailed graphic.

[BG IMAGE] Vignette Opacity 0.00

But that is only my preference.

For the night change this parameter to 100.00

[STATIC LIGHTING] Night Lighting Opacity


With your help, everything is easier

Would it be possible?

Reminds me of my first video game


While I am not against the idea, I have a full set of Genesis and Megadrive graphics already done.

It is a well balanced system so I think it would be easy. I’ll put it on my list but, not at the top. :upside_down_face: I have a lot of systems that I have yet to do. :grin:

Thank you for the request!


I have to thank you, your works are well done