Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

quick question , PSP is upsidedown and mirrored, opened : PSP-[ADV]-[LCD-GRID].slangp


when i change it to HSM_FLIP_VIEWPORT_VERTICAL = “0.000000”

everything is correct again … do i have a missconfiguration `?


This seems to happen from time to time in some of the presets. You should just be able to save the preset after making that change and it’ll all be good. It’d probably get put correctly in his next update.

I think @Duimon does it for a laugh to keep us on our toes! :wink:

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Lol. It is certainly not intentional, I will take a look. There is an update coming very soon and all the presets will be affected.

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Are you running this with the PSP core? Or a different core?

The PSP core flips the viewport(or at least used to) and the preset flips it back.

If you use it on a different core (which you totally could because the graphics are awesome) then it would show up upside down…


core is set to PPSSPP … and yes, the graphics are awesome ! big thanks Duimon and HyperspaceMadness !!!


This is due to another change in the core. It seems they can’t make up their minds.


!! Big Update !!

Presets have been updated to work with Mega Bezel V 0.9.022 2021-09-05.

There have been a lot of changes to the shader under the hood so V 0.9.022 2021-09-05 is required. (The new shader version requires RA 1.9.8)

For the present I have completed Advance, Standard, and Basic presets. Basic with Reflection and the new Potato presets are a WIP. :wink:

There are 1159 presets and just about every one was affected in some way so expect some errors. Let me know and I will fix them ASAP.

In addition to the new preset class i will be adding some monochrome monitors and presets, and as time permits I will also be adding in support for the new responsive split feature, where possible.

Things are going to get pretty cool! :grin:

BTW. @testdriver69 PSP is fixed. I have added a Guest and Guest HD preset and changed the LCD-GRID to use Integer scaling. (The screen is a little smaller but looks a lot better.)


Seem to be getting an issue with the ADVANCE settings, error log show this

[INFO] [slang]: Compiling shader “G:\Emulation\Emulators\RetroArch\shaders\shaders_slang\bezel\Mega_Bezel\shaders\HyperspaceMadness\hsm-guest\hsm-deconvergence.slang”. [ERROR] [Vulkan]: Exceeded maximum number of parameters (512).


Looks like you need a newer version of retroarch, at least 1.9.8


Thank you! My error, for some reason I thought I was upto date with the latest release. Turns out I was on 1.9.2!! All working now :slight_smile:


!! Basic Reflection presets are in the repo. !!

You may notice that there aren’t as many variations to these and the Basic. Since the screen cannot be resized, for the LCD systems, I chose the base preset that had the fewest visual artifacts. As a result I chose a much simpler naming scheme.

The Potato presets will have multiple base presets so the naming will reflect this. These are on hold for a bit.

In the mean time I am going to create presets for the two newest graphics, the SEGA Pico and the C64C.

Then I may create a couple new monochrome monitors to take advantage of the new features.


I want to report that many system logos on bezel/monitor which previously visible are no longer visible for Standard presets.

This is just one example image I leave below and didn’t wan’t to post all images here since the issue persist with all other systems except handhelds.

Old release with bezel logo :point_down:

New release without bezel logo :point_down:

Could it be the reason because some shader layer stacking or values might have changed in the recent HSM Shader update that affected the entire bezel/monitor logos for systems?

PSP on the other hand have some aspect ratio issue with Standard preset that I was testing. I’m not sure if this is a general issue with everyone but worth to report I guess.

PSP-STD-LCD-Grid-Integer looks like this :point_down:

and PSP-STD-Guest and HD Guest looks like this :point_down:

Btw, I finally changed the way I was getting your stuff from github which was basically manual download everytime :upside_down_face: Now I setup github desktop to get only updated stuff with best experience with very less efford :sunglasses:


Thanks for testing and reporting. I’ll fix all of this ASAP. :grin:


It could indeed. Some layer names were changed and all layer scaling methods in the STD were changed.

Try updating your PPSSPP core. Things look fine on my end.

All STD decals have been fixed and the presets updated.

Thanks again for the quick report! :grin:


Thank you for such quick fix! :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

Bezels with logos are all great now but;

  • Nintendo DS: Standard LCD Grid and Standard LCD Grid Night fails to load.

  • Nintendo Pokemon Mini: Fails to load both Standard presets.

  • NEC PC88 and NEC PC98: Both are still missing their logos on Standard with monitor presets and as you can see leds looks brighter now with less color saturation.

Previous NEC-PC88 :point_down:

Current NEC-PC88 :point_down:

Previous NEC-PC98 :point_down:

Current NEC-PC98 :point_down:

It turns out the issue was with my previously made .opt config files, deleted them problem solved! :relaxed:

Thanks for all the feedback!

This issue in particular is waiting on a fix from me in the shader to add a parameter to put one of the layers in the standard on top of the frame.


I will fix these ASAP. I am in the middle of creating custom night layer images for the Basic etc, presets. (So I am at my computer. :grin:)


Fixes are in the repo! :wink:


After recent fix update from Duimon the Standard LCD Grid shader looks strange. Does this also has to do with the fix for the shader you mention?

Previous Standard LCD Grid :point_down:

Current Standard LCD Grid :point_down:


I have the scanline direction multiplier set to look good with the core internal resolution I play NDS at.


You need to set it so it looks good for you. There is no one size fits all. :grin:

That is the reason I included optional Guest base presets.