Handheld Border Shaders


All GBA versions replaced with a single one with the VBA color profile for CG too.
Its darkness parameter works fine with the problematic games that are too dark, so I feel it’s a great solution for everything.

Made the downloads lighter by removing the LUT GBA pic and moving the old border pics into a separate download (“Extra” section on bottom of 1st post).


Some little fixes for bugs with the incoming gl_core driver (a new gl driver with slang shaders support).

edit: The new gl driver is in the latest retroarch nightly (on windows x64 at least): “glcore” in drivers>video.


Do you know which driver (gl or glcore) is more resource-intensive? Or if they are the same, which one handles better the shaders (in terms of performance)? Asking because I do not have a very powerful HTPC, so if switching from gl to glcore improves the experience (specially with more demanding systems), I’ll go for it.


The few benchmarks I did without shader gave the same perfs.
I just compared VBAM with the gba shader from this pack and slang/glcore is around 20% faster than the cg/gl version.

Then it’s up to your hardware, some old GPU that don’t support gl3+ won’t be able to use glcore I think.
Same for bad phone video drivers.


Cheers Tatsuya for the info, I will try to give it a shot in the following days.