DMG Shader

This is a mix and modification of two existing shaders:

First, i took Harlequin’s excellent gameboy shader, and i modified the way it handles the palette colors (i needed to do so in order to display realistic GB colors). Then i added a border shader from Themaister as a final pass.

The result is this:

2x shader:

3x shader:

4x shader:

Some images might appear downscaled in your browser. Open them in a new tab to see them in full size.

Here is the download link:

There are three cgp files, for 2x, 3x and 4x.

Credits go to Harlequin and Themaister for their shaders.


Oh, and here are the settings to use:

Resolution and windowed scale fields are up to your liking.

This is unfinished, as i still have t make the screen background to be a fixed size and not to scale with window size.

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Great work!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to add it to common-shaders tonight.

Feel free to do it. :wink:

But keep in mind that most of the work was done by Harlequin and Themaister.

Ok. I presume the credits are kept inside the shaders.

Yes, i left the credits untouched.

That looks really great. I would have thought those were photos of a real GB (though mine always looked closer to the default settings, since my batteries were always running out…)

Very awesome hi-ban.

Someday I’d like to think we might get to where we can skin video on 3d models, imagine virtual hands and a gameboy that shakes and moves everytime you click a button.

Added to the repo.

Hi, i have updated the DMG shader.

The colors were too green in the initial version, now the colors are more close to reality, and the screen background is less “green” and more “yellow”, as it should be. The border image has also suffered some minor changes. All files have suffered modifications.


Screenshots (open in a new tab to see full images):

2x Shader:

3x Shader:

4x Shader:

nicely done!

Improved the look of the 2x shader and added 5x and 6x shaders, for those who use HD monitors. Also reduced the motion blur to half in all shaders. The way it was before was too much blurry in some games.


Comparison between old 2x and new 2x:

Another update. The last one had too blueish pixels. So i took the dust off my old Gameboy and redid the colors, comparing them with the GB so they are as close as possible to the real thing. I also noticed that the almost-darkest color was darker in the real GB, so i rebalanced the grey levels. I also noticed that the screen of the real GB is very, very yellow. So i changed the palette to reflect that. Also made the border image less blueish, so the grey color of the bezel is grey. Here is the result:



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good improvements, maybe hyllian or hunterk can update the repo with the new version.

Alright, got it pushed up there. I had to rename all of the files to go from underscores to hyphens (just a style thing that Squarepusher requested way back), and I went through the cgps and hopefully replaced everything properly there, as well, but would you guys mind running through and making sure they all work as intended?

tried it and everything works as intended for me.

Awesome. Thanks for double-checking :smiley:

I saw someone requested having 7x and 8x versions of the shaders, so i added them:

Great work I love it!!

That was me, thank you very much!!

Can this be added to the official repo