Help adding artificial vibrant colors to a shader

Hi folks ,

When it comes to persevering detail , CRT shaders are unmatched . However I do believe that they require high nits displays. perhaps D-QLED or micro-LED would help in the future.

So I went about trying combinations that would help to make a non-crt shder , with the intent to preserve detail , color and maintain sharpness.

I’m satisfied with the look of the shader on some of the games ( particularly those with realistic non anime style )

However , the colors are a bit non vibrant and dull , does anybody knows how to add some sort of artificial vibrant colors or basically make it 1:1 with “no shader”

Due to the 4 MB limit of the site , I have uploaded the album on imgur

I noticed that the images aren’t as good as they look like in game , you will definitely get better result trying the shader your self but it’s hardware intensive

Here is the shader ( I haven’t made any of those ,just combined them) the repeated shaders are for added effect