How to run Amiga Roms 2

Hi, the following threads describe several methods to run amiga roms on Lakka - I think. However, none of them work for me.

The threads I am referring to are:


Is there a some kind of structured documentation on how to run Amiga roms on Lakka? I tried what I read but it is not working…

Regards, sektor

And yes, I talk about Amiga 500 roms.

I believe P-UAE core is the best way to play those games currently. This retropie forums post seems like a good place to start:

Latest build of puae from buildbot breaks hdf loading. All i’m getting is this:

A previous build from a few days ago load them fine. No options are changed.

Also, loading a state makes the directional controls not work anymore if the CPU option is not on “Cycle Exact”.

Probably best to make an issue on the P-UAE-libretro issue tracker. The main developer for the core is pretty attentive to issues and has done a ton of work on the core lately.

I’m going to assume puae is the same across the board…with that said amiga, cd32, and cdtv all work on android so more or less should load on other platforms…the 1st picture with the error go to settings and disable "use whdload "…mouse speed error u can change the speed in options but I disable the gui button as it gets in my way and dont really have a use for gui screen…every game I tested loaded and worked except doom and doom2 for cd32 which are homebrew and require other options to work I beleive

Dear hunterk, dear GemaH, dear sanchezmike01, thank you for your feedback! I will study the contents provided and will try to understand this.

Thank you! Sektor

Note that there were some big changes to the puae core the last couple of days. Now, you should only need the kickstart ROMs in the system directory, and the game file. WHDLoad game files in LHA format should now just work without the need to do anything else.

Note that the normal scanner won’t detect these. The manual scanner (added in RA 1.8.2) will however be able to make a playlist out of LHA game files.

As for HDF game files: these don’t work anymore as they were a workaround. They were LHA games converted to HDF. Now you don’t need HDF games anymore since you can directly load the LHA files instead.

Thank you RealNC!

My Roms are in ipf format. Do you think the manual scanner also recognize these or do they need to be in LHA format?

Thank you, Sektor

I’m not sure. It might recognize them.

However, you should look into WHDLoad games in LHA format. I recommend trying it out, since it completely gets rid of floppy images. WHDLoad games are pre-installed and you never need to cycle disk images. They also load much faster.

RealNC I can only run ADFs with UAE files, HDFs no longer run, but LHAs do not work, I tested several ways , need any special configuration? Thanks !!!