HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

I tried with snes9x 2010 and also crashed, but I don’t have a log for that. I can grab one tonight. I’ll also try power cycling the shield, some background process could be eating memory.


You can take a look at my preset pack which uses HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader. I’ve tested Atari games with several of my presets. My initial tests with my Computer Monitor Presets looked really beautiful. The sharper presets really shine on those older systems. You can start with the Computer Monitor Raw Preset but I’m sure there are others in the pack that will give you just the type of effect or look that you’re going for.

I retested some Atari games not too long ago with some of my newer preset revisions but I can’t really remember in detail what the experience was like except that they also looked pretty good.


You have to zoom in or view these screenshots fullscreen for them to look right.

You might also like Composite Pure or Composite Sharp. A few of my presets are included with HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader in the Community CRT Variations Folder. You can check them out.

The entire suite of presets is available at the following thread:

I have aimed to address this exact scenario in my presets pack. I have provided general purpose presets as well as console (and in some cases game) specific presets. Here’s a link to a couple videos of them in action:

I’ve improved my CyberLab SNES preset just this morning so I’ll have to upload an updated video!



If you want the most accurate CRT experience available then you need look no further than the Megatron shader. It requires a bright display, and best results are obtained with a 4K display. Setup can be a bit intimidating but that’s what the presets are for :wink:

There are a variety of presets in the “community presets” directory of the Mega Bezel shader targeting different looks/tastes, you’re sure to find something to your liking and if not you can always tweak the parameters.


There are presets for the Mega Bezel with the Megatron in the Base_CRT_Presets/Megatron folder, but only hor non-hdr at the moment. Hdr will be coming later though.


Thanks everyone for the great suggestions, I managed to fix every issue I had and I’m satisfied with answers to my questions!

I’m having a new problem though, and it can be seen on the screenshot.

What’s with the weird circular lines on the screen, that can be seen in the sky more clearly?

I’m fully aware that it usually happened in old monitors, I’ve seen it before as a kid. Now, if I was playing in an actual old CRT monitor, I’d accept it as part of the experience! :smiley:

But my monitor is 1080p, and those just look weird to me in my screen. My questions are: What is that exactly? And how do I remove that effect? I don’t know how that’s called, so I can’t figure out which settings to change to remove it.


It’s called moire pattern. There are several ways to try to reduce or mitigate this.

First is to set Integer Scale Mode to 1, or, if you’re using Integer Scale Mode 0, adjust the Non-Integer Scale percentage until the moire disappears.

A trick is to enable the Resolution Info in Shader Parameters then also set Integer Scale Mode to 1. Look at the Non-Integer Scale Mode % when the moire disappears then try to be as close as possible to that number when you switch back Integer Scale Mode to 0.

These are some other things you can try:


If you change the parameter…

[CORE RES SAMPLING]>>>Opposite Dir Multiplier

from the default 100 to 50 the scanlines will look better and the moire should also.


You can also try changing the [ Curvature ] >> “CRT Curvature Scale Multiplier” to 0 which will remove curvature on the game image while leaving the bezel the same.


log of hsm potato crashing snes9x2010. still getting framebuffer 1024x1024, idk if i missed a setting somewhere or what. snes9x2010 doesn’t even have a scaling option that i know of.

another log of swanstation crashing, i disabled every enhancement. you can see the core loading 320x240 but still creating framebuffer 1024


Have you tried Beetle PSX and Higan cores? You can also try the Zfast base preset or MBZ_3_STD presets.

Yeah, this is really strange I haven’t seen this before, and I have no idea why it’s doing this, as I mentioned on Discord it would be good to try GLCORE.

As a comparison, it would be a good idea to try loading crt-Royale form the shaders_slang/crt folder and see if it loads and what the log says.


Has anyone suggested updating your GPU drivers?

The Potato crash on older Nvidia drivers.


Coming from a Shield TV user himself I’ll just tell you this, even if you get it working it’s slow as hell. My Shield is rooted and I even overclocked it and let me tell you, it’s sluggish no matter which shader you choose. Your best bet if you want bezels is to head over to the Bezel Project page and get everything from there. The Shield simply can’t handle these Mega Bezel Reflection shaders.


Or you could try my overlays if you like.:grin:


Yeah if anyone wants simple yet very nicely made overlays, I think @Duimon has made simple overlays of almost all of his presets.


Hello. Thanks SO much for your shaders, they look amazing from what I’ve tested so far. However, I’m really confused, I don’t see the plethora of presets that are shown in Orions Angel’s YouTube HyperSpaceMadness tutorial. In particular, from the file links in the OP, I do not see any generic/simple reflection presets without the bezels so that I can use a overlay of my choosing. Thanks in advance!


@Cyber I tried beetle and it also crashed, I didn’t think to get a log of it though. zfast-crt works fine, MBZ_3_STD, or any megabezel preset causes crashes

@HyperspaceMadness android doesn’t support GLCore so no go there. CRT-Royale also causes crashes, as well as dr-Venom

@sonkun good to know, I’ll probably just stick to crt-geom and put some overlays up

thanks for the help, everyone.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

For @Orionsangel’s presets you will need to refer to his their thread.

Check out this one, it should have what you are asking for which is a preset with no background or frame


While it is possible to have a preset which does the reflection then add an graphic on top using Retroarch’s standard overlay system, what I usually recommend with the Mega Bezel is to set the graphics directly in your preset, because then you only have one file to manage which will set both the shader as well as the graphics.

The preset would look something like this inside:

#reference "<YourPathHere>/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Variations/Reflect-Only__ADV.slangp"
TopLayerImage = "YourAwesomeTexture.png"

This will take the reflection only preset and drop the image on top.


Hey everyone!

I came across another issue once again. I set a certain shader to be my Core preset for FBNeo, so all FBNeo games should have that shader.

The problem is that, while most games are fine, the vertical games, such as 1941, 1942, Aero Fighters, Batsugun, etc, will instead become stretched to fit the shader, making it stretched to become horizontal.

I found the option “Rotate CRT” in Shader Parameters, which is exactly what I needed to fix it! Vertical games display correctly if I enable that. Also, I already disabled “Allow rotation”, which is important for FBNeo, like the instructions at the top of the forum say.

However, I have 500+ FBNeo ROMs, and it would take ages to manually enable that option and set the edited shader as Game Preset for every vertical game among all of those.

Is there a way to automatically rotate the shader according to what game is being played?


Not currently. The easiest way to do this now would be to put your vertical games in a different folder. (i.e. FB-Neo_Vertical) Then use Content Directory presets.