Is there a way to force Lakka to use a certain HDMI port on Pi 4?

Lakka doesn’t boot, when HDMI is connected to the port next to USB Power, it only boots, when you use the other port. On the other hand Raspbian Buster doesn’t have sound over HDMI, when you don’t use the port next to USB power. Is there a way to tell Lakka which HDMI port it should use?

This is a good question, isn’t there a config item in config.txt you can use?

I don’t know if this can be applied here as well, but on a pi2 you could add the following line in config.txt:


(you have to figure out the number by yourselves)

There is also this info here., but this is handy

Further to the above, you may need to change the Audio port.. I didn’t have any luck. Maybe the TV is dodgy?

This seems related to an issue that I was about to ask. On my Pi 3B, Audio would go using Retroarch, via HDMI to the small TV, I am testing. I have just installed Lakka on a 4, and I am using a Belkin Micro HDMI adapter, connected via the HDMI port. I am using the closest one like yourself. I did try the second one, but the display was blank. In the interim, I may need to attach it to a small speaker, until I can find the configuration.

On Lakka sound works fine for me with sound on the port far away from USB power, but in Raspbian Buster it doesn’t work and this seems to be a common problem. The solution is to use the other port, but on this port Lakka doesn’t work. Unfortunately HDMI_Drive=2 doesn’t work on the other port in Raspbian and it seems right now Lakka only works on the port that doesn’t output sound in Raspbian buster, this means constantly changing the ports, something I would like to avoid, because they look fragile to me.

Hi, I finally got sound by adding hdmi_drive=2 in config.txt as per some of the previous posts. You are correct, the constant wear and tear on the ports wouldn’t do the Pi4 device any good. Maybe use a Belkin Dongle like I do, or maybe use an extension like this one. I am going to source one as I have made a controller box out of perspex, that I am yet to complete. I had a Pi 3b in there but found it a bit slow., I tried to get a notebook going, however, I couldn’t locate a way of switching it on using a power switch.