Issues with scaling of gbc and gba slang shaders

Hi! I have a problem with gbc slang shaders: gbc-2x and gbc-3x look identical, and gbc-4x, gbc-5x and gbc-6x look identical (the scaling should change but it looks exactly the same).

Same problem with the gba shader, except that the game is also zoomed in on the LCD screen (see screenshot).

I’ve used the GLSLP versions of those shaders and they looked fine.

We changed the way those shaders work (relatively) recently. Try deleting your shaders_slang directory and then redownloading them. The individual scale factor-ed versions are no longer used and instead there’s a single preset that you can scale with parameters.


Thanks, it works now !

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Yeah thanks for making the scaling more convenient! Just a little problem I had though for sometime now. Why the PSP overlay is mirrored and upside down like this? Is there a way to fix it?

That’s a longstanding issue with hardware-rendered cores flipping the coordinates. It looks correct on my end, though, so I believe we fixed it at some point. Are you using an old RetroArch build, perhaps?


Yes I am actually. It’s time to update then, thanks!


Yeah sorry to bug everyone again but although I updated my RetroArch (using the nightly option) to 1.15.0 and also updated everything from assets, cores to databases you name it -even the ppsspp assets, I strangely still have the border being reversed.

Also check this out, even the Game Boy overlay is reversed when I select it! I should mention this happens to me only with the PPSSPP core, every other handheld overlay works just fine with the other cores.

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I think the issue is with the glcore video driver. Can you use Vulkan on your system?


Bingo that was it! Strangely I thought I had tested it but everything works right now, thanks!

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