Lakka lacks crt support?

Hi guys, i just tried lakka live cd, it’s normal that lakka for standard pc don’t have crtswitchres menù/support?

I believe this is normal, yes. The switchres stuff for standard PCs requires xrandr, which isn’t present in Lakka, as it runs without an X server.

Hi @hunterk ok, right :wink:

But on RPi version is there crtswitchres?

Not in the current Lakka release, but I think in the next one.

ah ok, so i can’t use crtswitchres with lakka… and, do you know aproximately new lakka release date?

I do not, sorry. I’m only tangentially involved in Lakka.

Next version eh? Didn’t know that. So is that next meaning 3.0?

@hunterk just to be sure I got it right, the only way to use crtswitchres (PC or RPi) is without lakka, right?

Currently, yes, AFAIK.